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V-Ray 5 for SketchUp Professionals

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Chaos group is best known company computer technology in graphics. This company helps architects and engineers to create different animations and photorealistic images for designing and visualization. Top designing studios architectural firms advertising agencies use their software daily.

Chaos group released a new update named V-Ray for SketchUp.  V-Ray collaborates real time and photorealistic rendering at a time. By using V-Ray professionals can see real time presentation of current project. It also helps the professionals to make decision about full photorealism.

V-Ray vision can transform the work of designers in SketchUp. V-Ray brings real time view of every project done by professionals. By using real time professionals can add detailed design without hanging the whole system. V-Ray is great visualization solution for users.

V-Ray Vision 

V-Ray vision helps in everything before final rendering. It also helps the professionals to get new ideas and feedback of clients before photorealism. V-Ray shows the users how to move models, application of different materials or set up lights and cameras in a moment. V-Ray vision also offers real time view of the updated scene. V-Ray also snapshots many images and add animated sequences. By using V-Ray vision users also share their work with stakeholders.

Light Gen Tool 

By using Light Gen tool users explode various types of lightning, analyze those and finally select the best look for working project. Light gen tool has dozens of lightning variations which can generate automatically. Light Gen also helps to enlighten exterior and interior by V-Ray sun and sky system. It also enlightens by including HDRI images.

Besides Rendering 

VFB stands for V-Ray Frame Buffer. It includes very different types of user-friendly features. In result users can give personal touch to their project rendering.

Light Mix 

By using Light Mix professionals can change the color and brightness without any rendering again. It can create different lightning scenarios from only one render. Light Mix also provides adjustment of images like exposure control balance of color and color corrections. Now there is no need for using external image editing tools. Render layers can be connected by using Layer Compositor so that users can create more various designs. Users also saved this as presets so that they can use this later. To set any nighttime version of particular image users simply have to change a few settings and presto. That’s it. Light Mix increases quality and quantity of production thousand times.


  • V-Ray 5 Material Library – Material library of V-Ray is now upgraded with V-Ray 5. V-Ray Material Library has layering controls randomization features of texture. In this Material Library texture resolution has increased to 4K. 
  • Layer of coat – there is no need to use any blend materials to gain extra reflections. 
  • Bright layers – V-Ray also can simulate velvet, satin and silk.  
  • Users now adjust bump attributes by using built in parameter section.  
  • In V-Ray DirtMtl new options for aging materials with procedural streaks is also added here.  
  • Material override is also added in this V-Ray so that users can easily make line rendering of working project. 
  • It can also improve in sunlight accuracy before sunrise and after sunset. Users also customize the sun position by using this feature. 
  • No users can add realistic texture and materials to the working project by using the V-RayUVWRandomizer app and by improving V-Ray multiSubTex controls.  
  • It also can remove tiling artifacts automatically by using V-RayUVWRandomizer 

V-Ray 5 has a huge library of video tutorials, technical support in free and different types of forums for newcomers in this industry.  if readers want to know more detail about V-Ray then please visit the product page of V-Ray5. It is very useful for both professionals and newcomers in this industry.

Cost of Using V-Ray 

At only $790 subscription cost users can get this V-Ray for permanently. When the version will upgrade further then the upgradation cost will be only $395. Users also subscribed this software for one month at only $60 and if they are interested about this product then they can subscribe this software for one year at only $350. Annual subscriber can access the V-Ray collection and services at only $699 per year.

Availability of this Product 

  • V-Ray 5 for SketchUp is available on windows  
  • V-Ray 5 for SketchUp is also available on Mac OS.  

In this article we have discussed about V-Ray 5 software, features of V-Ray, V-Ray vision, Light Gen tool, rendering, light mix, subscription cost, available windows and mac versions, material library of V-Ray 5 and Chaos group.

Now readers can understand about this product by reading this article. If viewers think this article is really helpful for them then please let us know about their opinion. We are very eager to know. Hope you can enjoy!

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