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A list of Sketchup plugins you need

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Since SketchUp is simple to use it is used in many fields especially architecture. This simplicity is also a limiting factor in architectural design.

Therefore, there is a need for expanding SketchUp functionality which can be done with plugins.Given below are some plugins which can be used for the purpose of architectural design:


1. LumenRT – E-on It is a software plugin which is used for the visualization of architectural projects in actual time 3D with photorealistic illumination.

2. V-Ray for Sketchup – This plugin is useful for faster rendering, even better lighting tools, and for the creation and visualization of complex scenes.

3. Maxwell for SketchUp – Now with the advanced Maxwell Render technology the package is simple and also self-contained.

4. Indigo Renderer – It is a photorealistic renderer where with the simulation of the physics of light which helps in achieving image realism that is important for architectural and product visualization.


5. IRendernXt – This can be used by architects and designers to create presentation-quality images of their SketchUp designs.

6. Artisan – it is a plugin which is used for amorphous and organic design.

7. SketchUpBIM – This can be used to transform SketchUp into BIM software, this can be used to make building model faster.

8. Soap Skin & Bubble – Tensile Structures – This will help you to build a flexible form along with tensile structures.

9. Dibac – Architectural drawing inside SketchUp – you can use this to draw architectural plans with the use of 2D tools after which you can automatically get a 3D version of it.

10. BuildEdge PLAN – By using this you can draw parametrically connected buildings models.

11. 1001bit Tools – This is a collection of various tools which can be used for fast creation of architectural elements.

12. Architect Tools – This is a selection of tools which is used for generating buildings andstepped terrains.

Urban Design

13. MODELUR – This is a parametric Urban Design tool which you can use to quickly create and test different urban design alternatives right inside SketchUp.

14. PhotoSketch – by using this you can build 3D models in your present urban structures from 2D photographs.


15. Keyframe Animation – This will help you to ass movement to any objects and therefore animate your SketchUp model.

16. Podium Walker – This is a photo-realistic real-time walkthrough animation plugin.


17. BIMobject Sketchup app – This will help you to find a number of real SketchUp objects from real manufacturers.

18. ProjectSketch – By using this you can select and place Commercial Office Furniture in SketchUp drawings.

Export/Import plugins

19. Export plugin for Artlantis 4 – This plugin will allow you to export from Sketchup to Artlantis 4.

20. Viso3D – This can convert SketchUp models which will allow to view or navigate it in 3D on an iPad or iPhone/ iTouch.

21. IFC2SKP – This will help you to load the geometry or object data from the IFC file format exported from popular BIM (CAD) applications, for example ArchiCAD, Revit and Microstation.


22. Affinity – This plugin will allow you to form a connection between the model, the spreadsheet and all the underlying data about the building requirements.

23. IESVE for Architects – This will help you to get an architectural analysis through guided workflows.


24. BiMUp 5D – Using this you can perform calculations just by using formulas and then produce as many reports as required using the bespoke templates.

25. Product Connect – This is a flexible takeoff & reporting solution by using which you will know what is really there in your SketchUp model.

Timber Framing

26. Timber Frame Rubies – This plugin will help in simplifying modeling of timber frame designs in 3D.

27. Timber Framing Extensions – This can be used to automate mortise & tenon joinery and then generate material lists, etc.

Vali Architects plugins

28. Instant Roof – By using this tool you can create fast complex roofs; all you have to do is just select faces and edges.

29. Instant Fence & Railing – This tool as is obvious by the name can create fences, balcony railings, handrails, banisters.

30. Instant Wall – This tool can create site walls, retaining walls, pilasters, curbs.

31. Instant Terrain – You can create simplified terrain meshes by avoiding over complex terrains or even terrains with problems, or over objects.

32. Instant Road – By using this you can automatically create roads on a terrain using either an outline or a centerline for input.

33. Instant Site Grader – This will help you tomerge terrain around a closed boundary.

SketchUcation plugins and scripts

34. Joint Push Pull – This plugin can perform push pull on multiple faces in one operation.

35. Surface Operations – This is a Suite of Tools using which you can draw on curved surfaces, with lines, various shapes, offset and Freehand / Polyline.

36. Free Scale – By using free scale you can orientate the selection box around a set of objects and in an interactive manner can apply a number of geometric transformations.

37. Sketchy Bevel – Using this you can control how far to inset the faces.

38. RoundCorner – This helps in rounding of the edges and corners of 3D shapes along a 2D profile.

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