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All you need to know about google sketchup for game design: beginner’s guide

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Details about this book

Now even hobbyists can for the very first time create video game environments similar to the best 3D games on the market with the free availability of game development software such as Unity 3D. With the technological ease now groups of enthusiasts can get together to put in their skills for a game project. There has always been a number of independent game projects springing up which means that there is a constant need for game art, the physical 3D environment and objects that inhabit these game worlds. With the help of Google there is an easy, fun way to create professional game art, levels and props.

SketchUp by Google is the obvious choice for beginners to design their games. The book Google SketchUp for Game Design: Beginner’s Guide will help you with the workflow to quickly build realistic 3D environments, levels, and props to fill your game world. Bythe simple steps provided you will model terrain, buildings, vehicles, and a lot more.

Google SketchUp is the best beginner’s level modeling tool for game design as it allows you to take digital photographs and turn them into 3D objects for quick, fun, game creation. SketchUp for Game Design book will take you through the modeling of a game level with SketchUp and Unity 3D, along with all game art, textures and props. You will also learn how to create cars, buildings, terrain, tools and standard level props such as barrels, fencing and wooden pallets. With the help of this book you will also be able to set up your game level in Unity 3D to create a fully functional first person walk-around level which you can share amongst your friends or even share with your future employer.

After the completion of all the projects in this book, you will be comfortable creating 3D worlds, whether for games, visualization, or films.

Chapter 1. Why do you need to use SketchUp?

Even though you might be thinking that this book will help to get some mods of your game of choice or at most you can sell some gaming assets on the internet. The reality is not that limited, the last time you played a game you must have noticed the unbelievable realism that is now achieved in game design. This realism is possible due to the assets contained in the game, along with the effects provided by the game engine. It is because of the magnificent computational power hidden in just an average gaming computer these assets are now approaching the same detail level of those used in film animation. In more simpler terms, CG film and game assets will no longer be any different.

After the completion of the projects in this book, you will be able to create 3D worlds be it for games, visualization, or film. You will have the capabilities to document the world in 3D computer space. It is now obvious that gaming and film making world will ultimately come together, therefore, you can master both as well.

If you are committed then it will bring you rewards

You must remember that your commitment to the book will only guarantee its commitment towards you. If you do what is asked of you to do, in both the tutorials and principles discussed, you will find wonders happening for yourself. Your success can range from being a part of a small gaming company in your own neighborhood to also being successful in both game and big screen. For such results, passion and commitment are required. The methods shown in this book are not hard to apply. To apply what is asked in the book, you do not require talent. The entry level for this profession is reachable, and you can make it. You must remember that you have to work hard for years so that you can reach that ultimate level of success.

If you want to create assets for game and film is just a matter of documenting the world around you. SketchUp provides you the tools to do that. Just by spending more money there is no guarantee that you will be better off you can even be worse off in the long run. The reason for this is because SketchUp users will create assets ten times faster than you can andyou will have to start using SketchUp anyway. This is what Ken Nguyen, a concept artist in the game and movie industries has said:

“I can build low and high detailed models (architecture and props) much faster than someone using for example Maya or Max. Moreover, if the game engine allows you to upload the models, one can see in a few minutes or hours if the models work or not, if the sizes are right instead of waiting a day or more for the models to be finished by a Maya/Max modeler.”

Do you need this book?

This book is just right for you if you work (or want to work) in any industry which uses 3D assets. Even if you are just an enthusiast, it will also be the right book for you. In the free version of SketchUp you can do it completely for free along with free file converters. The best part is that the game engines you’ll be using are also free. You will get to know more details about Unity 3D in the second chapter.Along with these industries, web designers are also making use of it.Along with this, there will also be a large market for asset designers for Google Earth now that you can explore inside a building as well as outside it. There is a potential for replicating every store, museum, and park within Google Earth, so that there is a possibility for advertising revenue.

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