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PlaceMaker Plugin for SketchUp Professionals

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PlaceMaker is a plugin which allows the users to bring high quality Aerials,Terrain new version 3, 3d based buildings, 3D based roads, and walks, even waters and trees. This PlaceMaker plug-in can also save the precious time of users across the world.

This plug-in very easy to learn and use. This plug-in now launches its version 3. it is now available in Terrain, PAY-AS-YOU-GO version, large area imports.  first this extension geolocate users work site and then it will start to import. By using this user can import buildings, roads, paths, trees, water bodies and high-resolution aerials. There is everything in the extension which is very important to start the project with rich context and detail.

Features of PlaceMaker 

  1. This extension allows importing high quality terrain models, high quality aerials, 3D based buildings. 
  2. It is also able to complete road networks, paths, rivers, bays, oceans, swimming pools, canals and trees.  
  3. This extension also has rail network in version 3. 


The version of PlaceMaker is 3.0. This version 3 of the extension released on 29th November 2019.

Compatibility of SketchUp

This extension is available on SketchUp 2016, SketchUp 2017, SketchUp 2018, SketchUp 2019, and SketchUp 2020.

Operating System Compatibility 

This type of extension is available on windows and mac.


This extension is available in many languages. this is very good point about the extension because most of the extension is only accessible in English language. But this extension is accessible in Deutsch, English, Espanol, French, Italian, Nederland, Portugues and many more.


High quality aerials

The high-resolution aerials are the most feature of PlaceMaker. It is from Mapbox and Nearmap. It also provides high quality images for many locations across the world. Mapbox gives global coverage. It also has the quality of sharp imagery for most major world cities.  3.5cm resolution of Nearmap and recency is very superb step for making modeling and presentations.

Terrain of high quality  

PlaceMaker provides the users to access high quality of terrain from Cesium. This high quality of terrain gives a new level of perfection and granularity to terrain model. Locations can vary the resolution of terrain. The coverage of whole thing is global. Users can even drape aerials, 3D based buildings, roads and infrastructures upon the terrain surface.

3D Based Cities and Infrastructure 

40 hours of work can be completed in 4 minutes only if users use the extension. User use this extension very easily and quickly. By using this extension users can import 3D based building massing, road and walk surfaces high quality aerials, trees, water and many more. It gives the users global data for cities and town across the world.

3D Textured Mesh Cities 

Now Nearmap can also create high quality 3D based Mesh and textures of cities and towns across the USA and Canada. It is also very cheap. This type of extension is also available in SketchUp and FBX Formats.

Perfect Surveys with AI Generated 

This extension has the ability to digitalize the world with artificial intelligence. PlaceMaker provides users SmartSite. SmartSite has the ability to take high quality of aerials it also transforms these into perfect site plans. It also includes roads, walks, paths, and sport fields, parking areas, bridges, highways, lawns, open spaces and many more. The other two features are Aerial-home-page-banner and Cesium-banner-card.

Subscription of PlaceMaker 

The extension, PlaceMaker is not free of cost. Users have to purchase this at $299 per year. This can comes bundled with 1000 credits. This yearly subscription gives data for free or at a distance. Users also get the Building Bundle Component Library at free of cost.

Pay As You Go

This Pay As You Go option allows the users to download PlaceMaker at free of cost. Users will just to need purchase credits. Users also import the models for a particular location. At the location of user’s choice OpenStreetMap and Microsoft data can be previewed for free.

In this article we discussed about PlaceMaker plug-in for SketchUp, features, version, SketchUp and OS compatibility, languages, advantages, subscriptions and Pay As You Go options.

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