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De Vries Design Completed Projects with Sketchup

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De Vries Design Completed Projects

Landscape designers Sam de Vries has combined practical and theoretical skill to create the effect with WA based practice, De Vries Designs. According to Sam SketchUp helps not only to complete the projects very easily but also helps to communicate with the potential clients with proper explanation. So the satisfied clients give him the desired projects. 

Hillarys: the project

According to Sam various designs of SketchUp mix perfectly with the surrounding environment and it takes appropriate space. By using SketchUp introduction of various material links many zones, increase the sophistication and give a very minimalist approach to the design.  Most of the owners wanted maximum use of outdoor space and also created a view from the inside. In this place a glass pool window was framed into the designs for providing beautiful pictures.  

SketchUp to reality

Sam founded this company, De Vries Designs in 2018. He founded this company after working in Perth’s landscape firm, Tim Davies Landscaping. He would come to WA before working in the mining industry. Sam has a specific flair for pools and landscaping. In portfolio Sam shows about his high end work. He would love those particular projects which help him to be a designer.

 He has a background in construction. His father was a builder. Sam completed a bachelor of design and major subject was industrial design at Victoria university of Wellington. So he has experience of both sides of the industry. He started to use SketchUp at university in 2008. One lecturer from university introduced SketchUp with Sam or students of class. After that he used SketchUp every time while working. 

 He also said that SketchUp has various advantages. 

  1. It is very easy to learn and easy to use.
  2. SketchUp helps to easily translate the ideas and concepts for a site. 
  3. Sketch also has a great advantage that it is able to communicate ideas and concepts easily with the clients because this software can show the clients their planning in 3D. 
  4. Users also can adjust the plan very easily in the office or sites. Users also can modify various things without any hesitations. 

He makes a model and designs the landscaping in the actual setting. So the clients properly see the actual planning and users understand that the model can work both in a visual and practical way.  Sam also used SketchUp as part of the approval process. When he shows the models to the clients specially the cross sections so they can understand the whole modelling process. 

Sam said that he believes that during the construction phase the looks of projects are also very important. He takes his tablets everywhere. To show the contractors the SketchUp renders is very important. They understand the project better and a detail of information is also included in this.

 SketchUp software also affects the personal skill of Sam. SketchUp proves that what is designed is what is built. He can show the potential customers of his previous projects and also compare the designs to photos of the finished projects. So the customers can understand that they will get in real life what is on the screen. This software increases their confidence level. 


  • SketchUp pushes the abilities of the designers.    
  • It also extends creativity of users.
  • SketchUp also helps the users to explore various ideas practically. 

Wrap up

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