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3skeng Steelwork in 2021

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3 skeng is the extension which is perfect for designing and documentation of MEP and 3D based steel structure. This is an important part of 3 skeng engineering package. It also contains 3 skeng Pipe, 3 skeng Mount and 3 skeng Channel.


  • It has the ability of quality control with 3 skeng List. 
  • It also has IFC Export- IFC structural analysis view.  
  • It also allows the users to perform structural analysis of 3 skeng steelwork designs like Dlubal RFEM. 
  • Designers just have to draw steelwork elements which are integrated in the powerful toolset.  
  • By using this user also can work with structural steel elements in C-, I-, u shape based. This dimension is based on the British, American, European, Chinese, and Russian standard element. 
  • This extension also generates chamfered bracing element. 
  • Users also get a special handling of IFC properties for 3 skeng elements to edit and copy. 

3 skeng can also edit and rearrange the arrangement of steelwork of users. The edit tool also understand that what user want from it.


The version of this extension is 2021.3.053.-008. This version released on 5th December 2019.

Available Systems 

This extension is available in SketchUp 2018, SketchUp 2019, SketchUp 2020, and SketchUp 2021.

Available Operating System 

This extension is available in windows and mac.


The available language for the extension is only English. So, users must know the language very well.


  1. This extension has new and different modeling functions. 
  2. This extension also updated its editing version time by time. 
  3. It also has structural data for BIM. 

SHK designed the 3 skeng tools and libraries. SHK is an engineering and consulting firm works for high tech semiconductor industry. This company work for developing powerful extensions for SketchUp professionals.

This is not only for professionals but also for freshers. Users just have to know the basic functions of SketchUp and after that they can use any 3 skeng extensions they want. It is an engineering software solution to complete the projects. This extension is very easy to use.

Tools of 3 Skeng Extension 

  • In 3 skeng extension List tool is used for productivity, analysis and export. 
  • Pipe tool is used for piping, tubing, and round ductwork in 3 skeng extension. 
  • In 3 skeng extension Mount tool is used for secondary or support steelwork. 
  • Steelwork tool is used for primary or structural steelwork in 3 skeng extension. 
  • In 3 skeng extension Channel tool is used for rectangular ductwork. 

Free for 3 Months 

This extension is free of cost for only 3 months so that users can test all tools of this extension.

At a Glance 

Users can create groups and elements compatible to this extension by establishing 3 skeng elements. The establish 3 skeng elements can be visible from outside of the group. Users can also generate building elements. Users also can get the experience of preinstallation of duct, pipes and a tube by using 3 skeng pipe in detail mode.

Users also edit the required lines. The preinstallation supported by pipe rack can be generated with 3 skeng Mount. Users also edit the required pipe rack. In this extension the Auto connect feature of 3 skeng pipe allows the connection of machines in very short time.

By using 3 skeng Mount tool users can generate a small pipe support. Based on geometric relation the huge pool of available fitting is reduced to a usable selection and also based on outer diameter. The large pool of available pipe supports is reduced to usable selection. The channel tool can generate rectangular shaped elements to complete ductwork and trays.

 Users also inherit diameter of 3 skeng pipe element. By using the auto connect 3 skeng Pipe tool users can make the connection to the collector. The steelwork tool allows the users to generate of steelwork structures and also can include different standards.

 Users also connect steelwork elements by using structural nodes. Centerlines steelwork nodes elements are analyzed by 3 skeng List tool. It is used to find loose connections. By using this tool users can highlight the loose connections.

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