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Top 5 Sketchup Designs Around the World

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Top 5 Sketchup Designs Around the World


SketchUp is a 3D based software which is able to create and edit 2D and 3D models with the push and pull method. Designers exile any type of flat surface into 3D shapes. Drawing layout functionality, surface rendering and plugin are also included in the software. In 1999 SketchUp was created by @Last Software. 

Architectural design with SketchUp

  • Architects draw any type of designs very smoothly because SketchUp behaves like an extension of the architect.
  • Architectural drawing can be adjusted very easily. SketchUp is a 3D based drawing tool.
  • Architects render surfaces in an array of styles. Architects can choose any type of model that suits the design most and it is also able to please the client.
  • Architects add various special effects because SketchUp allows the use of multiple plug-in.

Architects are able to place their model in Google Earth, on the actual site.

Diyar Aydogan is the architect who built this beautiful building. He is interior architecture and environmental designer. His contact id is info@diyaraydogan.com. His website is www.diyaraydogan.com

@opmrenderstudio is the instagram id. The architect provides rendering, modeling and lumion. Readers can connect with this architect in opmteamm@gmail.com

Alets Alvarado is the youtube channel. The project name is Forest’s House. Architecture is Alexander Alvarado. The contact id is aleths.153@gmail.com he used the software skp + Lumion 8

Doig Architecture built this building. This firm merged with Baldasso Cortese. This firm does the architecture and interiors both.

María Alarcón is an architect. She is able to transform spatial ideas into visual content. She lives in Barcelona. She is also co-founder of @amacaestudio. 

Steve Giannetti designed this picture perfect home in southern California in USA. he is a designer, architect and painter. He also wrote a book. He is co-author of a book named Patina style and Patina farm. 

In this article we discussed 6 best SketchUp designs around the world. We also discussed the importance of SketchUp and the advantages of architectural design using SketchUp elaborately.

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