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Revamping your interiors with Stunning Lamp Models for SketchUp

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Decorate Exquisite interiors in your way using the glittering lamp models From SketchUp. This article is a practical introduction for interior designers to create 3D models. Covers the basics of creating 3D models before showing how to create space plans, model furniture, and accessories, experiment with colours and materials, incorporate manufacturers’ models into project plans, and create final presentations and animated walk-throughs for clients.

Lighting Design 

Lighting design plays a key role in creating the right mood and adjusting the ambiance of interior spaces. Interior designers have different lighting resources that help create functional spaces that can adjust to those specific needs of clients.

Residential interior designers utilize several types of lighting to create the correct amount of lighting in a room. It is important to understand the use of each type of lighting source available and which particular need it will satisfy in a successful home lighting plan.

General lighting is one of the first layers of lighting used in modern interior design and refers to the light used for the overall illumination of the space. These types of lighting sources provide basic lighting requirements to create an accessible space where users can move around easily in a safe way. Recessed ceiling lights, or overhead ceiling fixtures can meet general lighting needs. General lighting can sometimes be the existing lighting or part of the new lighting design plan.

Different types of lighting fixtures

SketchUp has created countless lighting fixtures and decorative lamps to add a glamour quotient to the interiors. Some of them are discussed below:

Table Lamps 

 If we click in the table lamp section, we can see that there are 369 different designs of table lamps. Table lamps fall under the Mood Lighting category. Mood lighting is as important to the overall look of a room as general and ambient lighting and a space would be bare without it. It makes a room pleasantly inviting by creating pools of light which counteract the shadows caused by general lighting. It’s also an important element of a room’s style as it tends to be equally concerned with style as it is with function.

Floor Lamp 

If you click the floor lamp section you will get more than 40 floor lamp designs in SketchUp. Floor lamps occupy a special place in every designer’s heart – stylish lighting is part decor and part utility, able to stand on their own and make a distinct impression even when they’re not in use.

Pendant Lamps 

Pendant lighting designs are available in all colours, for all tastes and styles. Pendant lighting fixtures are great for large and small home interiors, they save space on a table or floor. Hanging lamps are a functional and beautiful decorative element in modern interior design, that can be a focal point of dining room, Kitchen Island or living room decorating. There are more than 345 pendant lamp designs in SketchUp.

Hanging lamps are the perfect solution for illuminating rooms with indirect light. With its unique, creative design, this golden pendant lamp creates an island of light with an individual character throughout the home.

Wall Lamps

Wall lamps, also known as sconces, are stylish accessories that can really make a space glow. There are many uses for a wall lamp, even though they might not to mind right away.


If one is using SketchUp and would like to quickly take the design visualization to the next level in terms of graphic realism, Interior Designers and architects must try out the various designs of lamp models for SketchUp.

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