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Learning Scope of SketchUp for Students & Educators at Home

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Due to the pandemic situation of Covid 19 SketchUp education team provides free educational resources for the students and the educators in comfortable at home.

SketchUp Tutorial for School Students 

Due to the pandemic all schools over the world were closed. So SketchUp give an excellent opportunity to the school students. Anyone who has personal Google or Microsoft account can access SketchUp very easily. The students can access the SketchUp from 30th June, 2020.

 Name of the tutorial version is SketchUp for Schools. This version is free of cost. This is browser-based version of SketchUp. It was developed particularly for primary and secondary schools. SketchUp for Schools is also available with Chromebook. This version includes specific lesson plans of K-12, many tutorial videos and training resources.

 Teachers and students can gain knowledge, confidence and improve 3D based modeling skills with the help of SketchUp for Schools. SketchUp for Schools bring a new vision and insight in life of students.

SketchUp for Schools in School Curriculum 

SketchUp for Schools has a very specific lesson plan for students are K-12. This lesson plan has been made to meet the ISTE and common core learning standard. There are very important topics included in the lesson plan. The topics are 3D based printing, 3D based modeling for shop class, modeling a cell for science class.

These important lessons are available in video and Google Slide Format.  The standard range of the lessons for the students is from beginner to advance. The most popular lesson plan among all the plans is ‘custom castle’ for students.

SketchUp for the School Forum 

SketchUp Forum is the best place when users need any help or want to celebrate SketchUp modeling win. It is the place where users can communicate with the worldwide community of SketchUp members.

SketchUp for Schools is the particular place where users have many products regarding designing and can ask any question to get the specific answer from SketchUp educational community and SketchUp team members.

The SketchUp Software for University 

SketchUp Pro will be for the higher educated students and educators so that they can continue their work and get help at home very easily. Though they had to access SketchUp Pro through their school’s network lab before otherwise it may not be available for them.  

School administrators may contact with the reseller about the purchase of school lab license to request laptop license so that the license can be shared with every students and educators. They can access this software from anywhere. This new SketchUp Pro Institutional Laptop License activated on 30th June 2020.

Statewide License Grants Program of SketchUp Pro 

The statewide license grant program gives free licenses of SketchUp Pro to students and educators in US, Canada and Australia. If any school can get this license of SketchUp Pro then students must visit the local grant administrator to get more information about it.

SketchUp Campus 

If users mean students and educators complete the syllabus of SketchUp and want to know more about it then they should look at the new learning management system. The name of this learning management system is SketchUp Campus.

In this learning management system students and educators find many free courses with tutorial videos and exercise files which are downloadable. This learning management system included detailed courses which cover SketchUp modeling fundamentals, LayOut essentials, design of landscape and rendering with photoshop.

YouTube Channel of SketchUp 

 YouTube Channel provides video tutorials and various information about SketchUp to the Students and educators at free of cost. This YouTube channel has videos from 60 second ‘quick wins’ to ‘Skill Builders’. This can answer the all questions of the users.

This is very innovative and kind steps of SketchUp team for students and educators to help them worldwide due to the pandemic situation because of COVID-19.

In this article we discussed about Free tutorial version of SketchUp for school students and educators. The usage and importance of SketchUp Forum, SketchUp Pro for university, SketchUp Campus and YouTube of SketchUp. If readers like this post please comment below this article and let us know about your opinion.

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