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What is Trimble Connect and Why is it So Useful

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For the AEC community working with SketchUp as their major tool all day, Trimble Connect is a boon. Connect is the prime collaboration and connet platform from Trimble, which they are happy to include with the Sketchup Pro subscription! Whether you are working from home or working form a branch – Trimble Connect will make you feel as if you’re sitting with your whole team all the time!

Build your model, generate constructible data, and make the design in SketchUp – and then connect through Connect! Trimble Connect gives you lots of space in the cloud to store your model that is accessible from anywhere using Trimble apps from any platform like Windows, Mac or even smartphones.

Trimble Connect lets you get real-time updates on the project anywhere, everywhere. You can view and review the models, take actions on them, reference them, get the data inside them – and distribute anywhere needed to get to success in a project. Connect joins the right data with the right people at the right time. This provides a robust framework to expedite informed decision making, that enhancing process efficiency. 

Highlights of Trimble Connect

Trimble Connect is capable in many aspects, but here are the few that really shine:

Bridge data silos 

Whether you are using just a few tools from the industry or the full set of more than 60 apps, Trimble Connect links them all up. Connecting data throughout all the phases of your building’s lifecycle, it will make sure you stay on time and on budget. Files from all over the industry are collected in one platform – at least, the digitized ones.

Robust data security 

Built on AWS (Amazon Web Services), you will find few other collaboration environments as secure as Trimble Connect. The unmatched physical and digital layers of security and impenetrable cyber armor make sure your data is completely invisible to unauthorized personnel and bots.

True collaboration 

View the content, provide feedback, suggest changes, assign tasks, upload finished work, discuss among other players, and doing much more teamwork using Trimble Connect is child’s play. At every stage of your project, be immersed in your co-worker’s actions and reactions as your baby grows. Connect targets to provide the right people access to the right data at the right time, and it does so, spectacularly.

Unlimited Storage 

By default, Trimble Connect offers you 10 GB of cloud storage space, which should be large enough for smaller companies with a bit of regular maintenance work. However, for a small fee you can upgrade to the Business plan, which gives you truly unlimited cloud storage. This will ensure that you will never ever run out of space, or worse, lose your data through accident. What’s more, the storage comes with unlimited version control as well – meaning you can roll back to a previous version of the same file at any time should you choose to.

Access anywhere 

The versatility and the accessibility of Trimble Connect is what make the best contender in the market of collaboration tools. You can access your projects from any platform – be it windows desktop, a Mac, a smart phone – or even on augmented reality devices! This multi-platform compatibility is what makes Connect so connectable.

Advanced permissions 

Not only giving access of data to people, but giving the right data to the right people is key to properly planned work with people on multiple levels of your organization, and even outside organization. The advanced granularity of the permission granting mechanism in Trimble Connect lets you micromanage access rights to your sensitive data, making sure it isn’t damaged by mistake or misused. Additionally, only an admin can track project history and use rollbacks, apart from a plethora of powerful, admin-only tools.

Best features of Trible Connect

There are plenty of features in Trimble Connect, too many to name all here. Following are the few among them you will find very useful:

  • Users & groups 
  • Clash checking 
  • Temporary local offline storage 
  • Folders 
  • Export reports 
  • Releases 
  • Exchange to-dos using BCF 1.0 
  • Align models 
  • 3D markup 
  • Define custom reports 
  • Activity Feed 
  • Selected models 
  • Change color of some objects 
  • Permissions & notifications 
  • Comment on to-dos 
  • Project 
  • Model object filtering 
  • File Explorer 
  • View/comment clashes 
  • Save views 
  • Control visibility 

Wrap up 

Ensuring that every project stakeholder is able to see the big picture and yet be able to access the tiniest bit of detail they need to complete their work, Trimble Connect has become the central pillar in the Trimble apps set.

Trimble Connect is available for free with your SketchUp Pro subscription – but with a 10 GB cloud data limitation and for upto 2 systems only. For a small fee, you can upgrade to the Business plan and unlock all features of the software – including unlimited storage and systems!

Collaborating with everyone in your team and even external entitties like client and contractors has never been easier. With Trimble Connect from on-site people to the AEC consortium in the top floors, from ground-level blue collars to the client – everybody can have shared access according to their need to your project so they work as a cohesive team.

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