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ConDoc 3rd Version and its New Features, SketchUp for Professionals

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ConDoc stands for construction documentation. Professionals used this long word as ConDoc. This is very user-friendly tool for professionals. The new version of ConDoc was released in August,2020. This is a plug in for SketchUp. This version 3 of ConDoc is the result of hard working of few years. By using this plug in in SketchUp, professionals can easily create construction document. This 3rd version of ConDoc plug in is very easy to learn and very easy to use for work.

ConDoc is very important construction management software that helps to make real life 3d model using SketchUp.

Features of ConDoc V3

  • ConDoc upload different plans in few minutes. 
  •  It can mark up the plan 
  • It also compares different plans. 
  • ConDoc software has notification history option which is very useful for users. 
  • ConDoc has downloadable logs. 
  • ConDoc v3 has streamline communication option that help users to communicate with field teams from office. 
  • ConDoc constantly develop their products. 
  • ConDoc team give importance to the feedback of the customers. 
  • Customer service facility is super. 
  • This ConDoc tool accessible everywhere. 
  • This tool is way cheaper than other software. 

There are different new features add in ConDoc version 3. we will discuss about these features below. 

Extension of ConDoc System 

  1. This is a head up display. 
  2. It informs you about layers, groups and complexity of models. 
  3. It keeps you in line with ConDoc standards. 
  4. Condoc v3 is very compact system. So, it can arrange users SketchUp models.  

Draft Mode 

The best feature of ConDoc version 3 is the 2D draft mode option. Now professionals can access CAD drafting inside of SketchUp. 2D pan and zoom options are available in draft mode. So now users can create detailing of their drawing and diagrams. This draft mode is mostly error free. If users change the width of line then the color of the lines change also. It is very unique feature in ConDoc version 3. this draft mode can also hatch different files. So, users don’t need to use other programs while using SketchUp. 

Detailing of Tool 

This detail mode of ConDoc v3 collaborate with draft mode. So, it is very useful for professionals to access easily. This detail mode easily creates and arrange the scenes. These scenes are links to the ConDoc drawing inside in LayOut.  users can add specific information and data to construction document set using Detail mode.

Match Properties Tool 

The match properties tool is shortcut tool. Users save their precious time by using this tool. If Architects apply the line weight option or hatch different patterns in draft mode then it would be very useful for them. It is similar as paint bucket tool in SketchUp software.

Pre-Resources Area 

For launching the ConDoc v3 the whole website was upgrade. They included all the new tutorials, user manual, affiliate program, and pro forum. These resources are specially for pro members only. It will help users a lot.

 The company have also arranged different online help sessions. So that users take help from that forum. Easily. This ConDoc v3 save time and cost. Professionals would easily concentrate to the detail of their models.

Last but not least this is very user friendly, cheaper, easily accessible everywhere. This is very useful for starter and professionals. They make different models within stipulated time.  ConDoc create almost error free models and structures using 3D.

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