Designing a sofa in your 3D Model through SketchUp

In this article we are going to discuss how SketchUp enables us to furnish our Interiors through live furniture modelling. Furniture is a broad topic; it can be couches tables sofas cushions, beds, cabinets, Roll Top desks etc..

November 2020

Designing a sofa in your 3D Model through SketchUp

In this article we are going to discuss how SketchUp enables us to furnish our Interiors through live furniture modelling.

October 2020

SketchUp Can Help You Win Interior Designing Projects

When you need to present some killer design pitches for a new interior decoration project – there is no better friend than SketchUp.

September 2020

Best Laptops for SketchUp

SketchUp is outstanding amongst other 3D design software accessible these days for everybody - except you need a decent PC to run it.

August 2020

How to Resize Textures and Materials in SketchUp

In the present SketchUp speedy tip, we are going to show you how to modify the size of textures in SketchUp. Basically the entirety of a material's traits is overseen in the materials area of the plate. For this situation, we're going to discuss picture based textures.

July 2020

Discovering SketchUp 2020

Exciting news, the new SketchUp 2020 is out! You can get the latest with the updates, if you already have the subscription.

June 2020

Line Rendering with SketchUp and VRay

Often do we hear this question? How do I do a line showing render? I have been trying out SketchUp for a few months now and people have been doing some renders that have only black lines on white background.

August 2019

Pushing The Boundary with architectural visualization

Pushing The Boundary with architectural visualization

June 2019

Trimble Visiting Professionals Program

Trimble’s Visiting Professionals Program held every single year; this program shows the way of changing the sectors through the software and other industries.

May 2019

Diagonal Tile Planning in SketchUp

Matt Donley, the owner of has discussed some important things about tiles and their designing in SketchUp; he discussed fully about Diagonal Tile Planning in SketchUp.

April 2019

Highlights of some amazing 3D Printed Projects in 2019

The 3D printing technology allows any kind of design to be brought to life which releases architects from the limitations of standard construction.

January 2019

Review of a new SketchUp Guide: The Definite Guide to Getting Started/a>

Both SketchUp Beginners and Professionals will get a complete guide in SketchUp by following a guide book named “The Definite Guide To Getting Started” by Alex Oliver.

November 2018

Importing and exporting in SketchUp Shop

SketchUp Shop is a free version of SketchUp Pro that has some basic useful tools just as the paid version SketchUp Pro has, SketchUp Shop has come with import and export option.

December 2017

Landscape designing software – A Better Visualization of Your Design

Landscape planning is a most needed step, especially for a new home. Expert designers carve out the best plan for a landscape after analyzing the views, activities and environments of the location.

October 2017

How to Create and Use SketchUp LayOut

Working with SketchUp LayOut allows you to maintain a smooth flow of designing. The options and features creatively carve out your designing instinct.

September 2017

SketchUp Plugins for Rendering

SketchUp rendering is the option that allows you to visualize your 3D design in a picture perfect manner.

August 2017

11 Best Free 3D Designing Software You Shouldn’t Miss

Everything gets digitalized in these days, and so does the engineering and architectural drawing.

January 2015

LumenRT 2015 - The Communication Platform for Architecture and GeoDesign

In the rapidly growing field of 3D design visualization and rendering, there are many tools that can produce pretty pictures and videos.

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December 2014

The best Sketchup Plugins to improve designing skills

Are you sketchup enthusiasts? Are you looking for some exciting sketchup plugins? This is your turn to get some of them. Ever since sketchup has made the entry in the market, it has become the most used, user friendly 3D modeling software.

November 2014

Digital modeling programs & new open source tools are streamlining 3d printing process

Hello I am Claudio Cosentino, I am a production designer, a professor of Scenography at the Academy of Fine Arts of Catanzaro.

October 2014

SketchUp 2015 Comes Out With a Colossal Popularity
It is good news for SketchUp enthusiasts. Trimble has launched the latest version of SketchUp. It is SketchUp 2015. It is easily downloadable. Read More

September 2014

SketchUp Cloud Rendering

Rendering the SketchUp model is a big thing. A photorealistic and photogenic rendering of the SketchUp models makes a difference in the eyes of customers. It looks great, superb.

August 2014

The users of AutoCAD Architecture can get assistance from SketchUp

There are some third party tools, which always help all aspects of drawing quality. SketchUp plays here for AutoCAD Architecture. Using the SketchUp, a designer can see is how user-friendly is this application.

July 2014

3D Printing With SketchUp, a fine art attraction

The 3 Dimensional Printing (3D Printing) is a process for making a physical object from a three-dimensional digital model, typically by laying down many successive thin layers of a material.

June 2014

Transform your sketchup skills to the next level with sketchup extension warehouse

Extension Warehouse of SketchUp is a great source for all 3D Modeling Professionals as they can enhance their 3d modeling skills by looking for proper plugins to fulfill their requirements.

April 2014

Brief introduction of sketchfab, a web based platform to share 3d models easier

3D modeling plays an important role in the technological advancement of the current era. France based Sketchfab make it easy for internet users to access 3D models from anywhere of the globe.

March 2014

Sketchup Plugins 2014

SketchUp 2014 was released with various new features and offers infinite 3D models that are easier to find and use. Besides, users can avail a wide array of time-saving tools for documentation.

February 2014

The New SketchUp 2014 - Its Tools and Features

The latest version of SketchUp, SketchUp 2014 includes various updated tools and features. The launch includes updates to SketchUp, LayOut, the 3D Warehouse and many more upgrades that affect Extensions, plugins/ruby scripts.

January 2014

Evolution of Sketchup

AutoCAD, Autodesk Revit and ArchiCAD are most commonly used programs at architectural firms. These programs have now gained a status that makes them almost synonymous to CAD and BIM.

December 2013

SketchUp - Look Back in 2013

SketchUp is the most effective software for creating a 3D model in the most simplified and error free manner. In an effort to simplify the entire process of 3D modeling continuous up-gradation and enhancement of the software are crucial.

October 2013

Top 10 Apps for Architects

Following our readers poll last year, here’s an updated list of what we think are the best ten apps for architects. From condensed versions of large scale programmes architects and designers use every day, to blank canvases to scratch ideas down onto, you might just find an app that could improve the way you work.

September 2013

Announcement 3D challenge October 2013 from
Here is the new exciting challenge that faces this time an architectural theme of the Italian Renaissance. The model we propose is not a reproduction in 3d of a real project, but imitates the style: is a tribute to the great architect Andrea Palladio. Read More

August 2013

Sketchup Attribute can help a Sketchup user to work more efficiently

Sketchup is a 3D modeling program for application in several fields specially, in architectural or civil construction. 3D drawing or modeling always seems to be a hectic for designers or architects but the fact is it is one of most important part of construction.

July 2013

SketchUp and Lumion - compliment to each other

3D animations are one of the most effective means to convey a design to a client, but producing high quality animations can be time consuming and expensive.

June 2013

Review of SketchUp Pro 2013

After SketchUp has been acquired by Trimble, the most significant development is that the introduction of SketchUp 2013. In SketchUp 2013 there will be an ecosystem useful for SketchUp modelers to acquire and apply the plug-in and extensions according to their choices.

May 2013

Brief overview of SketchUp Drawing & Design Tools

SketchUp is a user-friendly 3D modeling program with which one can draw different kinds of shapes and turn them into 3D. SketchUp contains some intuitive & easy-to-learn drawing and other tools and these can be utilized to generate 3d models.

April 2013

SketchUp interference

SketchUp contains an imperceptible inference engine which is based on the foundation of SketchUp functionality. It simplifies the application of SketchUp to draw accurately & quickly and generate realistic models.

March 2013

Apply sketchup shortcuts to increase the speed of 3D modeling process

SketchUp is a very helpful tool which can easily generate 2d and 3D drawings. The software is very popular among architects, civil engineers, 3d makers, freelancers, game designers, production designers etc. due to its user-friendly interfaces.

February 2011

Google SketchUp 8: An Introduction

Google upgraded its great 3D designing tool SketchUp in its 8th version. In the 3D Basecamp of 2010, Google announced the launching of SketchUp 8 on 1st September, 2010. This new version has a number of notable enhancements, many of which will make it more useful as a sustainable designing tool.

January 2011

A review of the year 2010 in the eyes of SketchUp

On the starting of the year we found that the Google Model your Town Competition was going on. SketchUp users of all over the world of Cauquenes, Chile to Cape Town, South Africa to Suva City, Fiji to Alirajpur, Madhya Pradesh, India to Aberdeen, Scotland to Tallin, Estonia and Burlington came to model their town in 3D.

December 2010

Photo Realistic Render Plug in – A Gate to Realism

The best part of SketchUp software is that it allows the plug ins or add-ons to enhance its functionality. Where we get only the hand drawn effect in SketchUp modeling a more photo realistic effect can be obtained with various rendering plug ins.

November 2010

SketchUp Plugins – The Best Way to Enhance Functionality

Do you want to do something more with SketchUp? Do you think that your 3D designing ability is sometimes limited in SketchUp? Do you want to add a photo realistic rendering to your 3D images? If you are really facing these problems then here is your solution and it's called - plugins.

October 2010

Importance of Sketchup in the World of Architect

3D model or 3-dimensional model is something which represents a realistic view of the actual object. We can rotate this type of model on our computer screen. You can easily get the perspective view from any angle of the model by some simple steps. It is made possible by the revolutionary invention of Sketchup program.

September 2010

Say Hi! to the Different Features of Google Sketchup

Sketchup is the most useful and popular 3D designing software available in the market today. It is very easy to understand and has a treasure trove of excellent applications. It is really awesome to have a foresight of your dream project far before it has actually started. There are lots of applications available in this software.