3D Printing With SketchUp, a fine art attraction

Debamoy Ghosh

The 3 Dimensional Printing (3D Printing) is a process for making a physical object from a three-dimensional digital model, typically by laying down many successive thin layers of a material. It is often called additive manufacturing (AM), reasons the additive nature of process in which successive layers of material are laid down under the computer control. A 3D printer is a type of industrial robot. Now a day, 3D Printing with SketchUp is more than just prototyping. It offers transformative advantages at every phase of creation, from initial concept design to production of final products and all steps in between. Today's competitive environment makes choosing the right 3D printers more important than ever.

Now, the good news is here that the most user friendly 3D Printing process -- SketchUp is here for us. Invented in year 2000, the beginner-friendly Computer Assisted Design (CAD) software was operated independently, later was owned by Google (2006-2012) and currently is in the possession of Trimble Navigation -- a mapping, surveying, and navigation equipment company. The company provides a freeware version, called SketchUp Make. It also has a paid version with additional functionality, SketchUp Pro, which is available. The free version is easily downloadable from internet.

3D Printing With SketchUp, a fine art attraction

If the know-how of the SketchUp 3 D Printing is to be discussed, it would certainly include 3D printable architecture of house, furniture, in the likes of cabinet, cup-board or dresser and also the mechanical devices specially, drone propeller blades. The internal measurement system of SketchUp is precise and easy to use, making it a good choice for creating tightly fitted pieces, such as wheels, lids, hinges, swivel ball joints, and some types of action figure jointing.

Working in 3D Printing with SketchUp is fantastic fun. It's challenging and allows for almost boundless creative expression. The techniques were initially devised in the 90s as a means to produce relatively inexpensive prototype parts for industrial and automotive design work, however as costs begin to decline; 3D printing is finding its way into an expanding variety of industries. The 3D Printing with SketchUp is a game changer. Its sheer cost effectiveness and flexible use has made it a god gift for the budding 3D designers.

The working process of 3D Printing is very smart. Among different 3D Printing method, 3D Printing with SketchUp is most consisting. In additive manufacturing, three-dimensional objects are created from a raw material in either liquid or particle form. The microscopical thin layers of raw materials are deposited in a 3D printer and the print gradually materialized as the layers are built up step by step. The acuteness in a 3D print is determined by the thinness of the layers, and the raw material can be anything from synthetic resin, to ceramic powder, metal, or even glass.

The standard operation of 3D Printing with SketchUp has traditionally been rapid prototyping in mechanical and automotive design settings. 3D printing makes it quick and inexpensive to produce concept models, and perform fit & functionality tests. The technology has even advanced to the point where it is possible to print small quantities of production quality parts.

The prices of 3D printer and the raw materials have gone down. The 3D Printing with SketchUp have range of applications with hundreds of niches. Those are the like of jewellery making, sculpture, toy, prosthetics, educational models, geographical and topological models for GIS data and many more aspects.

The 3D Printed Metal Jewellery is one among the most interesting aspects. As technological advancement strive for a universal presence, the personal aspect in wonderfully creative individual springs into action with heart-strumming results. While customizable 3D printed jewellery becomes increasingly humdrum in its manufacturing process, many individuals take it upon themselves to add their personal effort and purpose to a piece as intimate as an engagement ring. This is now a popular career option. 3D printed jewellery designer Jack Mayer is a true example. From a career in computer science to one of London’s foremost experts on 3D printed jewelry, it can be said that Jack Meyer’s true passion found him. Presently, Jack is a familiar face at major 3D printing events such as the London 3D Printshow. As the Senior CAD and Technology instructor for Holts Academy in London, and owner of CAD Jewellery Skills, Jack’s whirlwind discovery of 3D printed art and jewelry lead to launching his own manufacturing company, and then to teaching a new generation of award-winning fine jewellers. In the last decade a realistic and asymmetrical 3D Printed Sculpture has become very popular. It is a fine art and design form. Dutch artist, sculptor, and special effects make-up artist Jacqueline Baselier has experimented with various techniques, which increasingly include 3D printing and it made her popural. Jacqueline works readily creating sculptures with 3D printing technology. Its appeal is readily noticeable to artists in her line of work. In the sculpting, the 3D printing with SketchUp offers a wide range of materials, freedom of design, and the ability to concentrate on ideas rather than on manual work.

The world of 3D printed fantasy design with SketchUp is unlike any other. It not only imagines another world, but makes it real. At the core concept of art is creativity. The main urge is to express the creativity within you and to bring something into the world that hasn’t been there before. The 3D Printing form of art with SketchUp inspires the artists. And it all starts with an idea.

The biggest misconception about 3D printing with SketchUp is that a budding artist needs to be a computer programmer to get it started. That is simply not true. The improvements of easy-to-use 3D modeling digital tools have played a big role in making 3D printing successful. Whether you want to start your project from scratch, mix and match or create a model from a picture you will be met with user friendly tools and helpful guides.

The 3D printing with SketchUp technology in the world would mean nothing without an awesome community behind it. It is always grateful to be surrounded by makers, designers, concept builders and creators. The 3D Printing with Sketch Up hopes to offer a community where you can safely experiment, play and create.