The best Sketchup Plugins to improve designing skills

Debamoy Ghosh

The best Sketchup Plugins to improve designing skills
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Are you sketchup enthusiasts? Are you looking for some exciting sketchup plugins? This is your turn to get some of them. Ever since sketchup has made the entry in the market, it has become the most used, user friendly 3D modeling software. It has been widely cherished by the students, architect, landscape, animation and videogame specialist. However there are some complexities which cannot be sorted out easily. So, here comes the necessity of rendering plugins. The professionals generally use those plugins. presents an excellent article of plugins. We bring the excerpt of writer Sha Sulaiman.

Plugins for Sketchup:-

1. Curviloft (free): This is one of the most effective tools among all plugins. It is generally works loft and skinning though sketchup. This is normally used to prepare surface from the curve. There are two methods lofting: firstly, by spline and secondly, by loft alongside with path.

2. Bezier Curve (free): How to make polyline, Bezier, spline curve? This tool will help the user make curves standing on control points. This control point can easily be manipulated. Sometime it defines the pre-defined curves.

3. Shape Bender (free): This plug-in assists curving and helps to make curvy roads.

4. Joint Push/Pull (free): One of the draw back of the sketchup is it do not assist extruding (push/pull) curved surfaces. But it can be sorted out, by Joint push/pull tool. But undoubtedly, this is the best tool for making volumetric solids and multiple axes (curved-in) and different building elements.

5. Unfold (free): It is a converter. It converts 3D models or objects into a 2D plane or orthographic projection. It is most user friendly and need to unfold only.

6. Round Corner (free): It is very useful for edge correction – especially to decrease and smoothing 3D objects.

Render Plugins for SketchUp:

7. V-Ray Render (paid, trial pack available): V-Ray is the rendering engine used by more design artists than any other. V-Ray was made by Chaos Group. It uses some of most proceed and sophisticated practice. Such as global illumination (GI), algorithms, path tracing, photon mapping and irradiance mapping.

8. Maxwell Render (free demo version available): It is a rendering engine. This Raytracer-type rendering engine is impartial 3D render. It utilizes Global illumination (GI) and algorithms based on metropolis light transport difference.

9. Kerkythea (free): It is a unique and impartial rendering tool. It works to create raytracing and Metropolis light transport. It is to be used in clay rendering. One of the famous feagure of this trade is Alex Hogrefe.

10. Raylectron (paid, free trial available): This is another rendering engine generally devoid of approximation and/or emulation and ready to produce animation.

11. SU Podium (paid, free trial available): It is photorealistic rendering image of sketchup model. It uses objects like: texture, colour, shadow, group or background. SU Podium uses ray tracing and global illumination (GI).