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Make any divider wake up with measurement and example. PlasticForms are enriching, secluded backdrop tiles made in the US out of reused plastic jugs (rPET). They are lightweight, solid and simple to introduce and clean. PlasticForms divider boards can be painted and introduced briefly with twofold sided mounting tape or for all time with polyurethane development glues.

Tiles can be legitimately stuck to drywall or mounted to canvas, pressed wood and other brief settings. Extraordinary for lounges, rooms, sitting areas, meeting rooms, career expos, stages and occasion improvement.

Import the image as a texture, and you can apply the image to an existing face. However, you also gain access to all the materials and Position Texture tools. These tools are introduced in Adding Colors and Textures with Materials, but that article focuses on tiled images. In this article, find out how to do special techniques with a single image, such as wrapping an image around corners, wrapping an image around a hidden face on a cylinder, or projecting an image onto a face. When you project textures, you can apply them to curved surfaces.

Model Info

Materials: 2

Polygons: 7,717

File Size: 1MB

Modified Date: 6/4/2020

Layers: 1

Unit of Measure: inches

Bounds: 2 x 70 x 12

Distance from Origin: 31.7

V2 PlasticForms Wall Tiles

Arrange any wall come to life with dimension and pattern. V2 PlasticForms are decorative, modular wallpaper tiles made in the US out of recycled plastic bottles (rPET). They are lightweight, durable and easy to install and clean. There are 12 tiles in the set.

Have you ever stuck a decal on a window or a wall? In SketchUp, sticking an image on a face is even easier than those decals, because digital images don’t wrinkle or trap air bubbles.

Technically speaking, SketchUp enables you to import images that are already on your hard drive. When you import images from your hard drive (select File > Import to see the Open dialog box, shown in the figure), you can import the image as an image, a texture, or a matched photo.

PlasticForms wall panels can be painted and installed temporarily with double-sided mounting tape or permanently with polyurethane construction adhesives. Tiles can be directly glued to drywall or mounted to canvas, plywood and other temporary backdrops. Great for living rooms, bedrooms, waiting rooms, boardrooms, trade shows, stages and event decoration. To create with PlasticForms and get inspired download our Sketchup files.

Digital images and SketchUp models are so diverse, it’s difficult to give specific recommendations here. However, here’s an example to illustrate how you might find the right resolution and file type for an image. Say your image was captured with a digital camera in a JPEG or JPEG+RAW format.

Try saving a copy of your digital image at a resolution of 72 ppi (pixels per inch) and in the JPEG format. If your model dimensions aren’t very large, you may want to reduce the image dimensions as well (the width and height in pixels). Then, import the image into your SketchUp model and see how the image looks. If you save a copy of the original image, you can always go back and try different settings in your image editor until you find the resolution and dimensions that work well with your SketchUp model.

MIO PlasticForms - 3D Warehouse for SketchUp