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Trimble Scan Essentials for Sketchup Professionals

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Trimble Scan Essentials for Sketchup Professionals

Trimble scan essentials are a type of extension to use in SketchUp. It will change the working style of users with the new feature named point clouds.  By using this extension users are able to import, view, and model from point cloud data in SketchUp.


  • It places the point clouds into SketchUp to continue rapid modeling.  
  • This extension is able to work with standardized point clouds and Trimble RealWorks projects. 
  • It has integrated tool board which can control the visibility and selectability.  

Requirements of setting 

  • It can be used in Microsoft windows 8.1 and 10. 64 bits is required for this. 
  • The required processor is minimum 2.8 GHz or more than that. 
  • Minimum 16 GB RAM is needed for this.  
  • It also has a super feature. Thai is 3 button mouse. 
  • The required VGA card is OpenGL 3.3 compatible with minimum 1 GB VRAM. OpenGL 4.4 with 3 GB VRAM is recommended for best performance of the extension. 

SketchUp license 

  • Users have to subscribe to SketchUp Pro for using the Trimble scan essentials extension. 
  • 2019 version is required. 
  • Users also can use the 30 days trial version which is free of cost. 

Instruction of trial installation 

After downloading the trial version users have to open SketchUp and go to the window menu > extension manager > install extension. After that users have to select the file from the download list and press open.


This extension is not free of cost. The annual subscription rate of the Trimble scan essentials extension is $850 per year.

Compatible software 

Trimble scan essentials extension is compatible with Trimble RealWorks, Trimble business center, Trimble X7, Trimble SX10, Trimble TX8, and Trimble TX6.

Advantages of Trimble Scan Essentials 

  • It can add models directly to the point clouds and lock on to either the scan data points or SketchUp elements to certain accuracy. 
  • Integrated model inspection tool activates a point cloud to model comparison for checking the accuracy of modeled elements. 
  • It also has advanced tools to view the point cloud data like ‘look inside’ features, outline, shading, colorization, and the section cuts. 

Improvement of this extension 

Trimble announces the Scan Explorer extension for SketchUp users. This extension also allows the users for loading a point cloud. it extracts construction points, planes into the 3D model. The workflow was a bit speedy.  The cloud will never load into the modeling situation but it remains in the viewer dialog.

This extension also works with the point clouds and it is processed with Trimble RealWorks software. It is also able to load clouds in E57, LAS, and LAZ format. These formats help this tool to work with other data sources.

Wrap up 

In this article, we discussed Trimble scan essentials for SketchUp professional, features, settings requirement, SketchUp license, trial installation instruction, subscription, compatible software for Trimble scan essentials, and advantages of this extension.

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