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MyLumion a 3D Based Software by Brightman Designs

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MyLumion a 3D Based Software by Brightman Designs

Brightman designs invent new upgraded software named MyLumion. It is basically a powerhouse that creates lightweight can access virtual tours with one click.  This new upgraded software MyLumion also save time of the users.

Client Delivery Issues

It is basically 3D based software so it is difficult to handle. Many times, client will hope that they will install a viewer and by installing it they will download and open a file very easily and then see the whole design while making comments on it. So, the hand off a model to the client may become quite dangerous and complex.

To create custom flash presentation with the capacity of virtual tour, using hotspot is very technical and time saving. In this process users just need to click a hotspot option in the flash presentation with the hotspot on the plans. Then a virtual tour can be opened. Though this is quite a huge and expensive technical process.

The Solution to Above 

Users just have to click the render and upload option to render all views, uploads so that they can create a virtual tour. If the viewpoints are set then users just have to click one button.  this one click render do all the things like all pano images, uploading these to Lumion’s servers, applying those in pano cube making a presentation and last but not the least emailing the users a link. That’s it.

When user present 3D based models in MyLumion then the same link would be assigned to still and animation is used for MyLumion. They just need to reload, re-render and repeat the same process!

Advantages of MyLumion Software 

There are many pros of this new upgraded 3D based MyLumion software. These advantages are mentioned below. 

  • MyLumion can create photorealistic still renders, animations, and also virtual tours.  
  • It provides customers a seamless presentation which is animated and can control the 3D experience of customers. 
  • It cans delivery presentation from any location on any device.  

At a glance 

In MyLumion page users can find more information about Lumion software. The virtual tour is really quite slick for tailoring down and delivering seamless 3D based experience. But in past there was a problem with virtual tour. The problem was that users needed different software, then build a flash presentation to online through a very complex process indeed. 

However, now MyLumion make this complex process into very easy way. MyLumion makes this one clicks process. After creating 3D based model in SketchUp users just need to click eyeball option to active the virtual tour. The user must stay in one position, and need to render out front and back views, left and right views, and top and bottom view.

In order to do those users just need to click the plugin called cubic pan out option. The plug in is available in smustard.com.  This is a free plug-in, so users don’t need to buy this plug in with cash. However, when users go to camera and choice cubic pan out then user can set the resolution, create cube pages, can turn on the image correction menu.

After that users have to save the setting. Then users have to go to online help sessions of Brightman design. In the session users need to clear out this file. It also can snapshot of all the images from any angel. After that users have to compile all the images and need to create the virtual tour.

 In here go cubic option is a little program. Som of these are free and some of these are not free of cost. Then user has to make pano movie and select the particular images and save those. After completing all the steps, a quick time MOV file is created there. Users can easily embed this in a web page.

In this article, we discussed upgraded 3D based software named MyLumion elaborately. If readers like this article please share your valuable comments or opinions with us.

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