How to Use DataSmith Exporter for SketchUp Pro

Datasmith is an assortment of tools and plugins that bring whole pre-developed scenes and complex resources made in an assortment of industry-standard design applications into Unreal Engine. Datasmith is designed to illuminate the particular difficulties looked by individuals outside of the game business who need to utilize the Unreal Engine for ongoing delivering and representations — in ventures including design, engineering, development, fabricating, live preparing, and then some.

Be that as it may, it additionally might bear some significance with game engineers who share comparable issues in their advantage pipelines.

What is DataSmith?

Datasmith has some yearning objectives:

  • To bring whole pre-developed scenes and complex congregations into Unreal, paying little heed to how enormous, thick or weighty those scenes might be. As opposed to driving you to deconstruct your scenes and gatherings into singular lumps, at that point pass each piece to the game engine independently through a FBX import pipeline, at that point re-collect the scene in the Unreal Editor, Datasmith re-utilizes the advantages and formats that you've just worked for different purposes in other design tools.
  • To help the most stretched out conceivable scope of 3D design applications and file formats. It as of now works with a colossal assortment of sources, including Autodesk 3ds Max, Trimble Sketchup, Dassault Systèmes SolidWorks, and more with each delivery. 
  • To deal with the precarious issue of acquiring changes that get made in source material that you've just imported, without expecting you to re-accomplish all the work that you've done to those Assets in Unreal.

Right now, Datasmith is centered around making an interpretation of your design content into structures that Unreal Engine can comprehend and deliver continuously. Longer-term, the point is to include more keen information readiness, fitting the imported substance for most extreme runtime execution in the game engine, and including more intelligent runtime practices.

How DataSmith Works

Datasmith right now utilizes a file-based work process to bring your designs into Unreal. You save or export your design information in a format that Datasmith can deal with. Datasmith peruses the local file format of numerous regular CAD applications. For certain applications, including 3ds Max and SketchUp Pro, you'll have to install a unique plugin, which you'll use to export files with the .udatasmith augmentation.

In the Unreal Editor, you utilize the Datasmith Importer to bring the spared or exported file into your present Unreal Engine Project. Now, you can control what information you need to acquire from that file, and set a couple of boundaries that control the interpretation cycle.

After you use Datasmith to import a file, the principal thing you should see is all the components of your source scene showing up in the Unreal Editor viewport. They may not look astonishing yet — you'll deal with lighting and look improvement later — however now your Unreal Level ought to be as of now be gathered precisely the manner in which it was in your source application.

How to install the SketchUp DataSmith Exporter Plugin

Before you can begin working with your SketchUp content in the Unreal Engine, you have to install the Unreal Datasmith Exporter plugin for SketchUp. Follow the means beneath to install the Datasmith Exporter plugin for any upheld variant of SketchUp that you have installed on your PC.

  • Close any occurrences of SketchUp that are running on your machine. In the event that any cases are as yet running, the installation will fizzle.
  • In the event that you have just installed a more established adaptation of the Datasmith Exporter plugin, we suggest uninstalling it first. For subtleties, see Removing the Datasmith Exporter for Sketchup underneath.
  • Download the Exporter plugin installer from the Datasmith Export Plugins download page.
  • When the download has finished, run the installer. 
  • Follow the on-screen prompts to proceed, and acknowledge the permit understanding.
  • The installer consequently recognizes the forms of SketchUp Pro installed on your framework. Check the crate for every form that you need to have the option to export through Datasmith, and click Install.
  • Since you have the Datasmith Exporter plugin installed, you can proceed onward to export a scene from SketchUp as a .udatasmith file.

How to use the DataSmith Plugin

  • When you've installed the Datasmith Exporter plugin for SketchUp, you'll have another .UDATASMITH file type accessible to you when you export a scene.
  • Follow the means beneath in SketchUp to export your scene utilizing this new file type.
  • From the SketchUp File menu, select Export > 3D Model.
  • In the Export Model window, select Unreal Datasmith from the Save as type drop-down rundown.
  • Peruse to the area where you need to spare your new file, set its file name, and click Export.

You should now be prepared to have a go at bringing in your new .udatasmith file into the Unreal Editor.

How to Use DataSmith Exporter for SketchUp Pro