Reviewing Lumion 6

In the course of recent weeks We had an energizing chance to test drive Lumion 6. To put it plainly, this discharge is best portrayed as a "quality discharge". You won't see a mass of new tools and buttons, however you will see that all that you previously adored about Lumion is much progressively refined and clearly better than the past discharge. 

Generally eminent to us, Lumion 6 is stuffed with a few new rendering advancements, and new and refreshed effects, and extended escort prospects. The group at Lumion appears to know precisely where to invest their energy to give us the most incentive on new discharges. 

Despite the fact that Lumion has an extremely instinctive "game style" interface, new highlights are now and then elusive. We set aside some effort to record instructional exercises clarifying my preferred new highlights and how to discover them. You will discover the recordings above supportive for both understanding why the new highlights and updates are significant just as how to utilize them. 

The condensed rundown of Lumion 6 highlights are as follows: 

  1. New advancements for improved materials, reflections, shadows and lighting: PureGlass, Speedray Reflections, OmniShadow, Hyperlight 2 
  2. Improved material surfaces 
  3. As good as ever effects, including: Improved Depth of Field, Curve in Mass Move, Autumn Generator, Animated Spotlight Colors, Styrofoam 
  4. Improved sky realism 
  5. Outline style for energized 3D individuals 
  6. 212 new trees and plants 
  7. 20 new energized varieties of 3D individuals from aXYZ Design 
  8. 20 new sounds 
  9. Individuals in-vehicles choice 
  10. 80 new Advanced Glass materials created utilizing Lumion Pro's own PureGlass® innovation 
  11. Improved interoperability for consistent correspondence with 3D CAD programs 
  12. Improved rendering execution in Photo Mode

The new interface of Lumion 6 is very intuitive and responsive. With the new console-like style, you will find everything you need by easy reach. It isn’t cluttered with a mass of tools and buttons and menus. But you’ll find that everything you actually need is placed close at hand by handy shortcuts. There are many videos online about how to exploit the best out of this beautiful new interface, which seemed to have changed the world for us, modeling-style. 

The improved new realistic materials and renders truly can make your model fly! Take the sky for example, or the over two hundred flora. Add the new sounds to make your scene come alive. The new shadow rendering technology makes lighting as realistic as photographs, while the PureGlass rendering technology will blow your mind away with eighty new glass surfaces!

Reviewing Lumion 6