ConDoc Tools for SketchUp Pro

Condoc is a far reaching arrangement of tools, techniques, instructional exercises, title squares, assets, and backing. It's all that you have to push professional drawings out the entryway today. Condoc supercharges sketchup well past the efficiencies of 2D CAD, however avoids the complexities and cost of huge BIM. 

There is just no quicker method to move your 3d design into 2d drawings. Condoc tools dispense with the most troublesome undertakings in SketchUp so designers can invest more energy… well, designing. They have a maxim at ConDoc, "Numerous means, a single click." Which implies, you're both computerizing repetitive details and guaranteeing best practices. 

Highlights of ConDoc Tools 

  • Utilize the recognizable and fun 3D SketchUp condition 
  • Perfect with Mac and Windows 
  • Perfect with metric and magnificent scales 
  • Adaptable for any project type, new development and redesign 
  • Scaleable for any structure size, private and business 
  • Dispense with troublesome, costly, include enlarged drafting programs 
  • Set aside gigantic measures of cash on yearly programming costs 
  • Simple change from 2D CAD to 3D BIM in SketchUp Pro 
  • Get your group in the same spot by working inside the measures plot in "The SketchUp Workflow for Architecture" 
  • Stick to industry realistic measures with full control of line loads and dynamic portals 
  • Acknowledge extreme proficiency by connecting the 3D design model to the 2D charts and development archives 
  • Impart your design consistently to advisors utilizing .dwg foundations 

Generally, ConDoc does the accompanying three things. For the individuals who are in a rush, we break down that the Condoc tools comes down to: 

  1. a tool in Sketchup for making the elevations (auto-align, change style, cause a ruckus) 
  2. a tool for making a section (auto-align, change style, cause a ruckus) 
  3. a tool for making the individual floor plans (auto align, change style, make a scene for each floor). 

Every one of these scenes are coded in a manner so they relate with his Layout scrapbook settings. So subsequent to opening his design document, you need to re-interface the scrapbook's Sketchup record to your new Sketchup document and all the sections, elevations and floor plans are at first set up with a lineweight and scale. You simply need to mastermind them and can begin including text and so on. 

The divisions of Condoc Tools 

On the off chance that you could robotize the most troublesome pieces of your day, what amount time would you spare? condoc's tools mechanize the hardest undertakings in sketchup pro so you spare time, vitality, and assets on the way to designing something extraordinary. Each tool naturally names and successively numbers the scenes it makes dependent on the drawing it will turn into. All layers, styles, shadow settings, section planes, are taken care of for you in the click of a button. Find out about every particular tool in the accompanying sections: 

Plan Generator 

Scenes are the structure squares of drawings. Be that as it may, so as to make drawings, we need scenes. Also, scenes… well, set aside a great deal of effort to set up. Our plan generator does it at the press of a button, sparing time and vitality you can dispense to making drawings. 

Section Tool 

Prepared to make delightful development reports that stick to industry realistic norms? All the scenes you make utilizing the ConDoc Section Tool will consistently synchronize with ConDoc section drawings in format. Simply include another section cut in 3D, and the scenes in 2D CAD will naturally name themselves beginning at AA and consummation at ZZ. 

Elevation Tool 

From highly contrasting development style archives to shading pieces with an introduction style, the Elevation Tool mechanizes the naming and formation of elevation scenes in ConDoc. Each scene made with the Elevation Tool compares with ConDoc drawings in format for stunning design bundles and brief development records. 

Perspective Tool 

The Perspective Tool catches excellent inside and outside shots that remove the dim from dull roofs. The outcomes are drawing scenes that are progressively detailed, and prepared to use in design bundles. How's that for perspective? 

Detail Tool 

You don't need to fabricate each and every detail in your 3D model yourself. With the Detail Tool, you can draft your designs with a click of a button, making increasingly complex arrangements of drawings and sparing time in the process. Simply slip into DRAFT mode – a 2D CAD interface implanted in SketchUp – and click to add all the scenes important to make a total detail in design. This right away a few repetitive detail drawing scenes to your SketchUp model, consequently numbered consecutively. 

Match Properties Tool 

The Match Properties Tool is an express tool that permits you to test one line's layer properties and apply them to another. This assists the layering process in 2D draft mode for a quick and exact final product. 

ConDoc Editions 

Despite your aptitude level, there is a ConDoc answer for you. ConDoc 2D is simple moment drafting, ConDoc LT produces professional 2D drawings from any 3d model, and ConDoc PRO opens up the full set-up of professional highlights. A ConDoc Tools membership incorporates every one of the three answers for one low cost. This is a finished design and drafting framework, all that you have to make shocking drawings like a pro as of now. 

ConDoc 2D 

On the off chance that you can utilize a mouse, you can draft professional drawings with ConDoc 2D. Peruse through our curated assortment of building components, furniture, installations, plants, and machines. Simplified to put. Click-and-drag to organize. It doesn't get any easier! 

ConDoc LT 

ConDoc LT Drawing set works with anybody's layering and model association. Open any model you have ever made, ConDoc LT works. 

ConDoc Pro 

Directly out of the case, ConDoc Pro roboticized the entirety of the drawings you have to report and grant a structure. Site Plan, Existing Conditions Plan, Foundation, Construction, Roof, Electrical, Floor Framing, Furniture, and that's just the beginning.

ConDoc Tools for SketchUp Pro