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I want to thank the team of Sketchup ur Space, a special thanks to the editor in chief Rajib Dey, for all the work you do every day, your role is very important because it spread news about SketchUp and its users. Through your articles we have no way to share our work experiences, and to grow professionally. I hope that with our little help, we can help make great Sketchup ur Space magazine. Thanks

-- Claudio Cosentino - Renowned Italian Production Designer in Hollywood Films

Sketchup Ur Space Magazine is the most English Magazine I read. I think is it cool that someone make very useful for everyone of free. Keep up good work.

-- Warunyoo Songkran (an environmental engineer and Manager of Virtual Design and Construction at Premier Energy)

I think this type of publication, connected people with similar interests from different sides of the world nearly instantaneously is the up and coming model for publishing. I'm grateful that I was asked to participate.

-- Bob Lang, Executive Editor, Popular Woodworking Magazine

I have seen a constant growth not only in your content but also in the amount of readers. I am very pleased to see enthusiastic professionals that believe in the potential of Sketchup as I do.

-- Adriana Granados - independent writer and author of Google Sketchup for Interior Design and Space Planning

I'm here watching, reading and learning a little more each day, I really like these nice program Sketchup, and with good results. Learning to know too your SK Magazine. A lot of material to read and learn even.

-- Claudio Feldman - architect since 1984, from Buenos Aires University, Argentine

Sketchup-ur-space is something everybody using Sketchup should know. I think there is a giant work behind, which you can find in the publications, tips-and-tricks, reviews and so on. Thank you for the opportunity for the interview, and I hope your community will keep growing.

-- Arpad Varga - Renowned software developer who uses sketchup for data representation and analysis purposes

SketchUp ur Space has a lot of resources for those interested in the platform. I like the emphasis on interviews and it's important to have focus on new and important developments for the SketchUp community.

-- Paul Lee - Virtual Architect & Managing Director at Viewsion Virtual Environments

Keep rocking and doing that necessary information and divulgation work for Sketchup users, and also the newbie ones.

-- David Brufau - The most talented Architect & Architectural Designer from Barcelona, Spain

So far it’s been very nice, and keep up the good work and also expand education as well as tips and tricks in using SketchUp.

-- Rachmat Nurhadi - Owner of ardisia design landscape and 3D visual and renowned landscape architect

I would like to thank SketchUp-ur-space magazine for this once in a life oppurtunity. continue with your good work guys.

-- Jonathan Pagaduan Ignas, the most promising architectural designer cum visualizer

Sketchup-ur-space is already going very well and help sketchup user a lot. More tutorials will give more attractions to sketchup user, at least to me

-- Klara Theresya, the most promising architect

I appreciate and enjoy your publication and the opportunity to pass on my brief SketchUp Saga to your readers.

-- Jack B Clark, the Google certified Geo Modeler

I hope that SketchUp ur Space can become a centerpiece for the Indian SketchUp user community!

-- John Bacus


Editor's Desk October 2014

Interview with Suresh Tamang

Interview October 2014

Sketchup 50 Plugins for architecture

Guest Article October 2014

how to create a web comic with SketchUp

Tutorial October 2014

Design, Bill of Material and Shop Drawing with Sketchup

Blog October 2014



SketchUp 2015 Comes Out With a Colossal..

SketchUp 2015 Comes Out With a Colossal Popularity

It is good news for SketchUp enthusiasts. Trimble has launched the latest version of SketchUp..



Design, Bill of Material and Shop Drawing With SketchUp

Design, Bill of Material and Shop Drawing With SketchUp

Design, Bill of material and shop drawing with SketchUp – an amazing



Render 3D Objects As 2d Billboards

Render 3D Objects As 2d Billboards

There may come a time when you would like to render some 3D objects as 2D billboards.



Teaching with Sketchup: using 3D to spark creativity in children

Teaching with Sketchup:  using 3D to spark creativity in children

Sktechup, as we all know so well, is a very powerful 3d modeling tool



How to create a web comic with SketchUp

how to create a web comic with SketchUp

This is the procedure for making web comics with the help of SketchUp.



Interview with Suresh Tamang

Interview with Warunyoo Songkran

I am Suresh Tamang, Managing Director of Chitwan Design Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.



Beyond 3D: David O'Reilly’s Work

Beyond 3D: David O'Reilly’s Work

Los Angeles is now energetic with plethora of animation actions. The lo-fi absurdist..



Sean Wagstaff finds 3D Workflows under GPU..

Sean Wagstaff finds 3D Workflows under GPU Ray Tracing

Rendering the computer is a tedious job. Sean Wagstaff, a wizard in 3D technical



SketchUp 2015 Comes Out With a Colossal Popularity
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Review of SketchUp Pro 2013
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Sketchup-ur-space Magazine - October 14