A Letter to the desk of the Editor

Hello friends!

We have started our Journey in the year 2010. We have completed successful three years of publication of our magazine. In these years we got unconditional support from some renowned SketchUp professionals to continue our magazine uninterruptedly. The lists are very big - Matt Donley, Jim Leggitt, Nomer Adona, Daniel Tal, Jean-Luc Clauss, Bonnie Roskes, Mike Tadros, Evrim Pekaslan, Bharath Musunuri, Paul Lee, Claudio Cosentino, Adriana Granados and many more. We want to give special thanks to them for their cordial contribution towards our magazine. We can also take pride as these professionals become the part and parcel of our magazine. We want to widespread the usefulness for creating 3d models in SketchUp all through the world and these professionals our inspiration to achieve our goal.

The most striking news of this month is that Trimble offers support for Survey & Engineering Workflow with file integration in SketchUp. By implementing SketchUp import support, Trimble Business Center aids surveyors to calculate points on the basis of 3D SketchUp Pro models produced by engineers and architects and transmit those points into Trimble Access(TM) field software for executing field activities. While commencing for design work, survey and engineering companies as well as architects can make a up-to-the-minute & precious depiction of the land layout as the Trimble Business Center's exporter functionality routes survey data back into SketchUp.

We have launched the June issue of our magazine. In this issue there is an exclusive interview with Corey Rubadue (Product Manager of V-Ray for SketchUp). In this interview Mr. Corey has shared his in-depth experience working with v-ray and also focus on some interesting features of the latest version i.e. V-ray 1.6 for SketchUp.

The team of SketchUp-ur-space has written an informative and fully fledged cover story analyzing the brief features of SketchUp Pro 2013. The readers can know about the latest un-gradations and enhancement with Trimble SketchUp.

In article section Belen Fernandez Franca, the renowned Technical Architect and Trimble Authorized Trainer, has presented an interesting article on applying SketchUp to live mappings. The article is associated with a live project which was executed at the "Barcelona Visual Sound 2013" festival.

There is also another highly impressive article provided by Frank Fheitzman, the noble instructor and head of BIM program in Triton College situated in Chicago. The article will provide great benefits to the SketchUp users as they will learn all the basics functionalities of SketchUp under one roof.

In tutorial section the most promising Architectural Designer and 3d Visualizer Myren June E. Purificacion introduces an interesting tutorial on how to apply SketchUp for modeling and rendering of the exterior of a 3 storied house.

In another tutorial, Matt Donley, the most experienced SketchUp master, has shared his valuable experiences to show how people are generating hatches in SketchUp and how to apply the new pattern fill feature in Layout with SketchUp Pro 2013. This tutorial will obviously help SketchUp users for making various types of unique effects.

In blog section Leopoldo J. Tescum, an electrical mechanical engineering from Mexico, shared his personal experience on how he became hooked with SketchUp and started utilizing SketchUp in his projects.

In our blog section, there is also good information on E-on Software's latest product updates about the availability of LumenRT 4 GeoDesign Plug-in. This newly launched product is packaged as an add-on plug-in product for LumenRT.

In the news section our readers get latest information and happening with the 3d modeling world.

Hope our readers will find this issue useful to read and gather some good knowledge for utilizing SketchUp in their work successfully.

Best wishes
Rajib Dey
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