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My story with sketchup

My name is Leopoldo J. Tescum, I from Tabasco, México and I have a career in electrical mechanical engineering and my interest in 3D began as a hobby, looking on the web any kind of 3D design programs and installed in my computer which was not very good. While studying I liked make small tutorials learning a little of everything. When I started working, I get in a project what we call METI (Intelligent Tridimensional Electronic Models) that there is nothing other than an Oil Plant in 3D modeling in a plant design program based in Autocad. The field job and then the modeling in the plant design software give me a little experience with piping and all related. I find Sketchup 6 and start to play with it, but I had nowhere to apply because my work was drafter in CAD.

Until in my recent job, I hear from a colleague that he wanted to make a software to evaluate corrosion in pipes, but he want all kind of graphical an models in 3D illustrating examples, in that moment I say that I have a program which i can help him showing a little example. From that, I start to make sketch and drawings illustrating all kind of topic. Even when our project manager wants to make a technical proposal to a client, he sends me a mail with a schematic and then I translate his idea in a 3D image; Sketchup is a great tool and I continue learning and using to enhance my work. I like search and read books and follow tutorials related to Sketchup and I looking for a project that I can apply all my knowledge because I think that experience came from doing and practice all the time.

my story with sketchup

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