Night scene render with google sketchup

Hello everybody, today we will render night scene with google sketchup and vray plugin.

First you need a simple lantern like below. You can draw it from circle with help of Pushh/Pull command

Open Material Editor on toolbar that "M" letter icon.

so what the material is : think it like wallpaper you can cover something. except it contains some effects like transparency like plastic bags. some extra lightning like fluorescent lamps.

Older version of V-ray material editor looks like this: you can add new material by right clicking the "Scene materials" label (picture below)

Newer version of V-ray it looks like this picture below ( VRay for SketchUp 1.48.66) Both works with same idea. just right click the scene materials.

After you create material, click the Diffuse for change surface color. You can see the results on sphere by clicking Preview.

To apply new material to the lantern: choose the glass section of lantern then right click the new material you just created, then choose apply material to selection.

Other versions of vray it named: apply material to objects.

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