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Night scene render with google sketchup

We can now check out our scene: just click the R icon on toolbar, R for Render . ( Again, this is newer version of v-ray, look how icon colors differs )

Here is simple result:

Scene looks good but we need night scene and light up that lantern.

First disable the sunlight: Open the "Window > Shadows" menu above, change the hour to "03:00" that means midnight

Lets fire that lantern:

Right click the material name and create "Emissive" layer. that give us fluorescent or neon lamp effect.

Now change the color and intensity of Emissive layer. I gave 100 to the intensity. (You can also change the light setting from Vray Options window, Change camera shutter between 100-300) And you completed neon lamp.

But remember one last thing (damn, it took my 1 hour to resolve what, sketchup doesnt show face normals).

If you see black surface like picture below: right click the surface and say "Reverse faces"

Render complete. you made simple lamp. and so nice with v-ray plugin.

Completed sketchup scene: Download

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