My story with sketchup

Bharath Musunuri

Good day!

HI my name is BHARATH from INDIA I would like to share my experience with SKETCHUP.

I'm an ARCHITECTURAL STUDENT is studying in JNA&FAU University. In 2009 I was introduced to GOOGLE SKETCHUP by my friend Madhav. He just told me that we can build our own designs in this software.

I was keen about some computer aided programs that generate VFX and graphics. I want to become a USER INTERFACE DESIGNER. My goal is that my renders and CG workflow should be understandable to even a layman.

VISUALISATION is the most important thing at present. Slowly in my school I was introduced to the 2D basic drafting AUTOCAD. I can't visualize the space that is provided to my design. Then I started to visualize and build the SPACE IN REAL in SketchUp.

The main thing that attracts in SketchUp is its USER FRIENDLY movements, orbiting and the SUN lighting the time of the shadows and so on…

After that I used to do my own tutorials and started to practice vigorously.
Then it was found that there are rendering engines for SketchUp that makes the model to look as PHOTO REALISTIC things..,

Then I searched the tutorials and practiced them mostly I have used all the rendering engines.., Like V-RAY, PODIUM, KERKYTHEA, ARTLANTIS, VUE9.5, LUXOLOGY MODO, KEYSHOT, TWILIGHT,
LUMION, MAXWELL, INDIGO, REDER [IN], SHADERLIGHT, LUMERT, IDX RENDITIONER, I used all but user friendly and simple are LUMION 3D, ARTLANTIS, PODIUM, KERKYTHEA, TWILIGHT one of the hardest toughest is V-RAY because it has the capability of giving the render as we require, it is maximum depends on the maximum we practice TRAIL-ERROR method we have to experiment on it .

MY DAILY LIFE : - Rendering is a part of my daily life without a small render test I won't go to bed, I practice hard, the results I get, they are the source of encouragement to me, I used to share my works with my FRIENDS and solve their visual doubts. My Facebook relationship with SketchUp is,,,, (SketchUp v-ray artists) this was the GROUP teaching me the unlimited of technology using SKETCHUP and VRAY and PHOTOSHOP post production,

we share our works and rectify the mistakes and monthly competitions are big lessons for us we develop our own skills instead of the prize our knowledge is abundant :) and I check all the UPDATES by SketchUp Ur Space magazine  its very helpful, finally we the 3D artist make the things which are UN"REAL" to REAL. :) Thanks to SKETCHUP UR SPACE for giving me this opportunity.

Thank you :)