"A Letter to the desk of the Editor" to "Letter from Editor's Desk”

Subhra Bera: Editor

Hello readers, I hope our April edition helps you a lot in achieving your desired answers and solving your little problems to work with SketchUp. Every time with every edition SketchUp-Ur-Space team try our best to preset some new and exciting SketchUp related things to you.

Readers are our big assets who inspire us to find some new ideas and discussions on SketchUp-Ur-Space magazine. On our every edition we try to present some new things for our readers who are SketchUp professionals; but beginners sometimes face some problems in using professional tips so in this edition we have added some old extensions also. This edition is a mixture of different plug-ins, tutorials, experience from our SketchUp teachers and professionals. Without fussier talking lets hit the floor for some new ideas on SketchUp news, tricks, tips and articles.

In every single edition, being a SketchUp lover and admirer we try to focus on the things that will help readers in creating their 3D models. 3D models are the best way to share ideas, view future ideas and connect with other people all over the world. SketchUp is the best way of creating 3D models and using them for getting some better results.

Our Magazine, SketchUp-Ur-Space never delays to deliver the latest news, tips and many more unique things about SketchUp for our valuable readers and our December edition is full of them. It has some trendy and exciting news for our eagerly waiting readers.

SketchUp-Ur-Space is a well known and lovable magazine that consists with some useful news and data for the beginner and experienced SketchUp users, designers, architects etc. Our magazine’s editorial team always wants to give our readers new and interesting stories, news, blogs and many more other things to enhance the knowledge and skills. This January edition has come up with the same motto and various unknown surprising facts on 3D designing that will surely amaze you.

The cover story of this edition is the review of a special SketchUp guide book named “The Definite Guide to Getting Started” written by Alex Oilver. This book is a must read book for both SketchUp newbies and professionals as it is easy to understand and divided by the sections for professionals and beginners. The step-by-step processes will definitely help a newbie to become professional.

In the Article section there are 4 relevant topics written by our editorial team that depicts about using some new SketchUp tools and extension which help to smoothen the modeling process. The first article is about Using Images for Scaling and Geometry patterns in Sketchup where a new class ruby is added in SketchUp 2018; second one is a review of new plug-in named Adobe Dimension 2.0.; third one is some tips given by Classical Architecture Modelers and the last one is about Christina Eneroth’s extension ecosystem.

The Blog section includes two reviews and two drawings in SketchUp, such as: 1) Drawing Basics and Concepts of SketchUp, 2) Review of Eneroth Tool Memory; 3) Review of British Institute of Interior Design Accreditation and 4) the way of Making a Candle holder.

The Tips and Tricks section will help new beginners to be easy with SketchUp through some easy learning process of 1) CleanUp3 and Solid Inspector2 tools; 2) creating Own SketchUp Material Libraries; 3) Importing SketchUp textures and Creating Custom materials and 4) Custom Toolbar Button Images in LayOut.

Meanwhile the news section comes with some fresh contents like 1) Free Textures Pack of 2018 Christmas; 2) about the Whimsical furniture; 3) modeling a Face Me Christmas Tree and 4) Vertex Tools Extension.

Hope readers will enjoy this edition and discover some new side of 3D design.

Best wishes
Subhra Bera
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