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"Advanced templates in SketchUp Pro"

Subhra Bera: Editor

With the new upgrade version SketchUp Pro has introduced twelve new templates for SketchUp Extension Warehouse to make modeling in SketchUp more fun than before.

According to the developers, SketchUp Free is the simplest, consistent 3D modeling till date that will help the user to access, learn and share the models with others easily. It has been more than a year at SKetchUp Headquarters with huge amounts of coffee consumed and after a long wait, SketchUp HQ finally released SketchUp Pro’s new version SketchUp Pro 2019.

The whole SketchUp team has been discussing to bring SketchUp lovers the newest development in the life of their products; they proudly announced a brand new way to purchase all the SketchUp products which is the SketchUp Subscription. They have offered the best value so that users and SketchUp lovers can easily choose the perfect combination of SketchUp for every project, workflow or creative concept.

This is a real opportunity to challenge the team itself to earn users’ business every single day by continuously improving the tools which are needed and loved whole year. The new ways to buy SketchUp is on their website; still the team has been working to bring subscriptions for years as according them it is the best way to deliver more value to the users in a single package. Their shift in new business will make it easier for new users to buy SketchUp and for current users; even more SketchUp products can be easily available. Besides that, this shift in business will help to keep them accountable to run business by releasing new features as often as possible; this is a challenge for them which they have taken proudly and moved process from an annual update cycle to a continuous cycle.

SketchUp users have introduced with the new features of SketchUp Pro 2019 and with this the SketchUp team has added 12 new templates to make modeling in SketchUp more fun. Here are the names of the templates mentioned below:

  • Extra X-Ray Template
  • Super jitter Template
  • Big Axis Template
  • Outer Space Template
  • Under The Sea
  • Snow Day Template
  • More Marc
  • Bird Box Challenge Template
  • Rainbowland Template
  • There Is No Up Template
  • Infinite Origins Template
  • Night Time Template

Some of them include the mode “Dark mode” for the night time designs; “Rainbowland” is a little happier and more colorful while “Big Axis” helps to get back in the axis again. These new templates can be accessed by pulling them up in the template directory and scrolling towards the bottom.


Advanced templates in SketchUp Pro
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