"A Letter to the desk of the Editor to Letter from Editor's Desk”

Subhra Bera: Editor

Hello readers, I hope the SketchUp-Ur-Space team becomes able to fulfill your demands and questions through our every month publication. Every time with every edition SketchUp-Ur-Space team try our best to preset some new and exciting SketchUp related things to you.

In the beginning of this magazine, our hardworking team members tried their best to deliver best SketchUp related details or article to the readers so that SketchUp users and professionals can find their every needs here. But due to some changes in the Editorial team, we were unable to deliver the magazine every month but this year we decided to follow the trend again. That’s why from January we are continuously working on delivering best and useful news for our readers.

Readers are our big assets who inspire us to find some new ideas and discussions on SketchUp-Ur-Space magazine. SketchUp-Ur-Space team is researching on the detailed news of SketchUp and the result is in front of everyone. Ok let’s start this edition without wasting more time.

In every single edition, being a SketchUp lover and admirer we try to focus on the things that will help readers in creating their 3D models. 3D models are the best way to share ideas, view future ideas and connect with other people all over the world. SketchUp is the best way of creating 3D models and using them for getting some better results.

Our Magazine, SketchUp-Ur-Space never delays to deliver the latest news, tips and many more unique things about SketchUp for our valuable readers and our December edition is full of them. It has some trendy and exciting news for our eagerly waiting readers.

SketchUp-Ur-Space is a well known and lovable magazine that consists with some useful news and data for the beginner and experienced SketchUp users, designers, architects etc. Our magazine’s editorial team always wants to give our readers new and interesting stories, news, blogs and many more other things to enhance the knowledge and skills. This January edition has come up with the same motto and various unknown surprising facts on 3D designing that will surely amaze you.

The cover story of this edition talks about the review of Trimble’s Visiting Professional’s Program where SketchUp professionals from all over the world joined and discussed about their thoughts.

In the Article section there are 4 relevant topics written by our editorial team that depicts about new features and extensions of SketchUp which will develop 3D printing more than before. The first article is about the new added features of SketchUp Pro 2019 version. SketchUp Pro is a well known version of SketchUp which is also a paid version; second one tells about the method of finding New favorite models in SketchUp; third one is the way of turning 2D Topography or a Survey to Terrain in SketchUp and the last one is the way of breaking 3D model into Parts for 3D printing.

The Blog section includes three reviews and one new announcement, such as: 1) About the Advanced Templates in SketchUp Pro 2019 , 2) The way of creating Polygon in SketchUp within 5 seconds; 3) Review of Helix Along Curve Plugin and 4) the new place for SketchUp lovers, SketchUp Campus.

The Tips and Tricks section will help new beginners to be easy with SketchUp through some easy learning process of 1) Only focused on CleanUp3 from SketchUp; 2) Review of Tape Measure Tool; 3) About Maciej Fijalowski of VR SketchUp and 4) using pbr materials to move from SketchUp to Unity.

Meanwhile the news section comes with different solving matters like 1) the way of Handling Extension License issues; 2) Methods of using 3D Printer with SketchUp; 3) to 5 Interior Design trends of SketchUp Hub and 4) SketchUp users will help in experiencing all realities.

Huge topics are here to calm down your anxiety about working on 3D model in SketchUp and SketchUp Pro. Hope all our efforts can be helpful for you and help to solve your problems. For further queries please contact us through our email address.

Best wishes
Subhra Bera
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