"A Letter to the desk of the Editor" to "Letter from Editor's Desk"

Subhra Bera: Editor

Wish our all readers a very Happy New Year; a new year comes with many new things like new resolutions to start, new promises to keep, new people to know, and new relationships to begin etc.

Let’s start our first month of the year with new SketchUp related news, blogs, tutorials etc. It is a New Year gift for all our readers for helping them in their work, making their designs easier and better than before.

The last edition of SketchUp-Ur-Space, I mean the December edition was full of useful tricks and news; so in the New Year we thought to present some more new news to the readers again. We are overwhelmed by your support and reviews. Thank you for giving us your precious time, we hope this year we can also deliver you more and more exciting things related to SketchUp; hope you will stay with us and support us like you always do. Let’s start our New Year surprise.

Our Magazine, SketchUp-Ur-Space never delays to deliver the latest news, tips and many more unique things about SketchUp for our valuable readers and our December edition is full of them. It has some trendy and exciting news for our eagerly waiting readers.

SketchUp-Ur-Space is a well known and lovable magazine that consists with some useful news and data for the beginner and experienced SketchUp users, designers, architects etc. Our magazine’s editorial team always wants to give our readers new and interesting stories, news, blogs and many more other things to enhance the knowledge and skills. This January edition has come up with the same motto and various unknown surprising facts on 3D designing that will surely amaze you.

The cover story of this edition is much more special to us as it is about one of our reader Alex Oliver’s new book “The Definite Guide to Getting Started”. He and his team have jointly published a wonderful book and it can be downloaded from his online portal.

Next is the Article page having 4 different posts written by our editorial team that depicts about using SketchUp tools and making some new designs. The first article is about Transforming Houses with the description of Alejandro Soriano’s work and life; second one tells about modeling a Bag of Chips in SketchUp using tools; third one is about Animating Sections with Scenes and the last one is about the works of Stack Rock Group.

The blog section has come with some detailed description of new ways of working. The first one depicts some interesting things about the SketchUp Essentials, second one is about new extension named TrueBend; third one is about work on Custom Material Libraries in SketchUp and the last one is the way of modeling Table and Stool legs.

Tips and Tricks section has come with some detailed work of various tools like The Outliner Tool in the first on; use of Follow Me tool; third one is about New Profile Builder 3 tool and the last one will tell the use of SubD Extension. At last our news section has come with different prospects this time; the first blog is about some easy and helpful way to use SketchUp Plugins, second one tells about some innovative ideas of renovating Floor Plans and Elevators; third one is the experience of Matt Donley and the last one is some ways to design moving parts in SketchUp.

Too much there for our readers, hope this edition also pleasures you as the previous ones, so enjoy your holiday with our December edition.

So it seems that this edition has published very effective sides of SketchUp and gives some new and interesting news also. Hope readers will enjoy this edition and discover some new side of 3D design.

Best wishes
Subhra Bera
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