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"Top 8 Websites for Textures and Materials for SketchUp"

Subhra Bera: Editor

3D Rendering and modeling is getting easier in SketchUp with the help of different materials and textures. There are different websites where SketchUp users can find their textures.

Justin Geis: Justin Geis is the founder of The SketchUp Essentials and started using SketchUp while he was working as a general contractor in 2008 and after using it he found that SketchUp is extremely powerful that he just started to use it in his personal works also. Then he started The SketchUp Essentials as a place where he could share his ideas of using SketchUp easily through some tutorials and tips to help other users controlling the power of 3D Modeling in everyday lives.

We all know that SketchUp models can be made easily with the help of textures but users can only download or find different SketchUp textures from SketchUp extension Warehouse. In this article we are going to address 8 different websites from where users can get their favorite textures for modeling in SketchUp. Here are the details:

The places to find new Textures and Materials for SketchUp:

  • 3D Warehouse: The first place to find different materials is the SketchUp 3D Warehouse. Here users can find different materials here can download the materials section and use them in their models.
  • SketchUp Texture Club: Here users can log in as a free member, download textures and materials and can use them in their models. But for rendering the maps or other things it is better to be a member in SketchUp texture Club.
  • Textures.Com: Here users can download textures for free, logging in as a free member will help to download some different textures for free of cost also.
  • Texture Haven: Similar as other 3 websites, Texture Haven is also a free website where the textures come with different mapping options, comment sections etc. These textures are in very high quality and come with options to ask for fitted materials so users can easily find their things to use.
  • Shares Textures.Com: This website is similar as Texture Haven and includes a huge number of free downloaded materials and textures for SketchUp.
  • CCO Textures.Com: This website includes some cool PBR Materials and textures which are free of cost to download. The textures look seamless and high-quality to use.
  • Polligon.Com: Though this site doesn’t have high-quality textures but the textures can definitely be used in the commercial purpose. The free textures come with different maps, ground materials and after signing in they can be easily downloaded.
  • Quixel Megascans: It includes a program called Mixer where users can blend different textures and materials together to create a new one. Besides Materials, they have a whole library of different contexts, textures etc. They also have a huge collection of previous used or created textured maps for a guidance of users. They have a certain monthly payment option for users.


Top 8 Websites for Textures and Materials for SketchUp
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