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"Create Smart Building Automatically with Profile Builder"

Profile Builder is a useful sketchup extension that can be applied to produce smart buildings automatically with skin, columns, beams, and more. Profile Builder can also be used to reiterate components and extrude profiles with the purpose of generating buildings, walls, and other objects in SketchUp.

Profile Builder is compatible with SketchUp 2016, SketchUp 2017, SketchUp 2018, SketchUp 2019.

Profile Builder is considered as a rapid and compliant set of parametric modeling tools for SketchUp. Profile builder facilitates the users to accelerate their modeling speed significantly. Besides, the models become smarter and adjustable to all the design modifications.

Profile Builder has similarity with Follow Me tool. Profile Builder comprises of an extensive library of pre-configured and custom profiles to extrude which can be repurposed on every project. Your own profiles can also be made and saved to the library.

Profile Builder is user-friendly and the users can adjust how they require the profile to be extruded by modifying its offsets, scale, and orientation along the path.

The most updated version of Profile Builder that contains some vital bug-fixes and usability enhancements. The built-in sample assemblies are also upgraded.

Assembler elaborates on the functionality of Profile Builder by extruding numerous profiles in one step. Assembler will be able to add pre-configured components together with extruded path at set intervals. It is ideal for fences, stairs, railings, etc.

Source: Click Here to Try Profile Builder 3 OR Get a Full License

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