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Rajib Dey: Editor

The sketchup-ur-space editorial team has published another exciting issue enriched with some in-depth articles and useful tutorials for global sketchup enthusiasts. This issue will also be a great resource for sketchup users. Besides, articles and tutorials, this edition comes up with latest news and happenings in sketchup.

In every issue, our editorial team gives their best effort to make the magazine more informative and interesting for the readers.

In the cover story of this edition, Henry Gross, the founder of architectural visualization studio, has shared his professional experience for transforming the architectural visualization process to the next level by integrating architectural basics into his elaborate, detailed presentations. He briefly explains the significance of an architecture background for producing stunning visualizations.

In the Article section, the readers will get detail information about three newest sketchup extensions alias AutoSmooth extension developed by Thomas Thomassen, Drop Vertices Extension developed by TIG, SketchFX developed by Fluid Interactive. In another article detail analysis is provided on skethup move tool.

AutoSmooth extension is used to make autofolded edges smooth and soft which are produced by native move, rotate and scale tools.

The Drop Vertices Extension is used to maneuver terrain borders or align edges to objects in sketchup.

SketchFX Ex for sketchup facilitates the users to export static images from sketchup and post process in photoshop inside sketchup view port. It embellishes your 3D creations visually appealing from bloom effects to colour corrections.

The article on move tool provides details about direction and distance. While moving an entity in sketchup, a direction and distance known or unknown is provided. Sometimes, the users exactly identify the specific direction and distance to move and provide that input to SketchUp by typing it in. Other times, the users provide the direction and distance by inferencing other points in the model.

In Tips and Tricks section, the readers will get brief insight about axes tools in sketchup (Axes Tools is a small utilty that reset the axis of components to their bounding box' centre or corners), some vital tips to design models for 3D printing (these tips will allow the users to create the design of prototypes for 3d printing as well as design their own objects which interact with phone, remote, camera, or any other object), review of some vital sketchup extensions for architectural workflows (an wide array of lists for useful sketchup extensions) and 8 important tips to navigate Model Interiors in SketchUp (Learn some useful tricks to model interior in sketchup easily and quickly) .

The Blog section sheds light on 1) how to add background images into sketchup efficiently, 2) some vital guidelines for beginners sketchup users to start modeling with sketchup; 3) Some vital tips on sketchup freehand tool to produce freehand shapes and hand-drawn lines 4) Some leading websites to acquire different types of materials and textures for creating stunning 3d rendering and modeling.

The news section covers some vital topics like 1) Creating Wall Cost Estimates in SketchUp with Quantifier Pro; 2) Details of some 3D Warehouse Tools from SketchUp Extension Warehouse; 3) Methods to model Terrain and Other Rounded Shapes 4) Texturing an Arch in SketchUp using ThruPaint.

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