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"6 important things every SketchUp beginners must know"

Subhra Bera: Editor

SketchUp is a great tool for 3D modeling, sharing thoughts, making bonding with other users and most of all to learn new and different way of modeling which make a beginner a pro.

SketchUp is a great tool for 3D printing and creating wonderful designs and models. It is free, handy and easy to tackle as there are lot of tools and extensions has added in this software. The SketchUp Extension Warehouse is full of tools that will help in every possible way to model the idea of user and will help to print the best 3D print. But working in it as a new user is a little bit challenging as new user can get puzzled of seeing too much features in it, so here is a little guide for them. There are 6 main tips every SketchUp user needs to remember which can help them creating their models in a better way easily.

This article is going to describe those 6 must remembered tips that can help every new beginner at the starting of their SketchUp experience. At first we will give a vast description about SketchUp and then the tips are described.

    6 most important tips for SketchUp beginners:

  • Understanding the User Interface: As SketchUp is a great tool for modeling, users need to be fully aware about the surroundings. There will be many more involved functions can be found by users which are hidden from the view. There are many more things beside normal sketching in it like creating own custom style or adding a material library or exporting model to a different format which need an expert grip on the paths. While knowing the User Interface better, users can explore more menus and become familiar with features and functions which are not available in toolbars.
  • Using more Shortcut keys: SketchUp is full of tools and extensions which are hidden in different area of SketchUp so it is impossible and very much time consuming to find them every time while following the path. Rather it is easier to remember them with their Shortcut keys as it is less time consuming and makes the work faster. Developing muscle memory is an important thing in becoming master in SketchUp as it will make work faster, smoother and smarter.
  • Saving everything: Software is fickle by its nature and SketchUp is not stable to the old crash. So it is better to save every little thing and set SketchUp to make backup files and the Auto-Save must be set to at least 5 minute intervals.
  • Using Extensions: SketchUp is itself pretty powerful software where many tools can be found in toolbars for every need but besides that, there are lots of other tools in the SketchUp Extension Warehouse which will help to modeling a way better.
  • Keep updated SketchUp: Working on the latest and greatest version of SketchUp makes it sure that users have the best chance of reducing crashes accessing new tools and being at the cutting edge of CAD design. SketchUp also encourages users to update for each of its major releases so it is sensible to use the current version at every time.
  • Join a User Community: Starting of any unknown journey is a challenging task but fortunately, SketchUp has a plenty of awesome communities to share, find and discuss all things related to SketchUp. There are lots of people available in the SketchUp Forum or SketchUp Help Center all the time who will find solution of every little problem.


6 important things every SketchUp beginners must know
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