"A Letter to the desk of the Editor" to "Letter from Editor's Desk”

Subhra Bera: Editor

Hello readers, I hope our January edition helps you a lot in achieving your desired answers and solving your little problems to work with SketchUp. Every time with every edition SketchUp-Ur-Space team try our best to preset some new and exciting SketchUp related things to you.

We know that we are a little late in publishing our March edition, but believe us it is not easy task to make this magazine up to the mark that you set. Without more fussy talking lets hit the floor for some new ideas on SketchUp news, tricks, tips and articles.

January edition was declared as a New-Year Surprise for our beloved readers and this April edition is not anything less than it. It will discover to you some of latest SketchUp models, their functions, more works on 3D printing etc. This is a special edition dedicated to the improvement of 3D printing and modeling through SketchUp.

Our Magazine, SketchUp-Ur-Space never delays to deliver the latest news, tips and many more unique things about SketchUp for our valuable readers and our December edition is full of them. It has some trendy and exciting news for our eagerly waiting readers.

SketchUp-Ur-Space is a well known and lovable magazine that consists with some useful news and data for the beginner and experienced SketchUp users, designers, architects etc. Our magazine’s editorial team always wants to give our readers new and interesting stories, news, blogs and many more other things to enhance the knowledge and skills. This January edition has come up with the same motto and various unknown surprising facts on 3D designing that will surely amaze you.

The cover story of this edition is again a special attraction for you guys which is suggested by our beloved friend Julie Scott who is a journalist and ghost writer from Angel Content. It is a masterpiece with some 3D printed projects in 2019; these projects are unique and beneficial for their own city, so I think it will be great to know about them.

Here comes the time for Article section with 4 relevant topics written by our editorial team that depicts about using SketchUp tools and making some new designs. The first article is about Autumn Styling with SketchUp which is very useful for interior designers as they can have some ideas here; second one focuses on connecting 3D printing by Design Parts in SketchUp; third one tells the method of downloading free textures from Polygon and using them; while the last one is about a new SketchUp extension named FredoCorner.

A little change is made this time in our magazine; the news section is here after the Articles section but with some new four topics. The first one is about how to bend an object in SketchUp; while the second one is utterly different which depicts new components from SketchUp for Schools, the third one is Medeek wall and the last one is about the Constructible model with M Moser Associates.

The Tips and Tricks section has come with some working method in SketchUp. The first one depicts how to browse for extensions in SketchUp, second one is about the way of creating walkthroughs in SketchUp; third one is about Curic Space for SketchUp Function description; while the last one is the method of Quickly Align Objects in SketchUp with the help of Curic Align.

Blog section is full of descriptions of using some SketchUp extensions like 1) how to use Curic Space, 2) behind the use of Instant Fence and Railing from Vali Architects in SketchUp; 3) third article introduces with newest SketchUp Web and 4) it is about Surface Imperfection Maps in VRay for creating realistic materials in SketchUp.

Gosh! Too much things for our readers and we hope this edition will also become helpful and beneficial as the previous ones. Enjoy readers.

So it seems that this edition has published very effective sides of SketchUp and gives some new and interesting news also. Hope readers will enjoy this edition and discover some new side of 3D design.

Best wishes
Subhra Bera
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