Top 10 House Modeling Extensions for SketchUp

Subhra Bera: Editor

About SketchUp’s Extension Warehouse: The SketchUp Extension Warehouse is an online resource full of plug-ins and developed especially for SketchUp and these extensions allow users to add special tools and features to SketchUp. Users can find different extensions for a particular application like drawing or 3D printing and industry-definite tools like extensions for architecture, interior design, construction and many more.

Here are some top 10 House Building Extensions for SketchUp which will help users to build models easily:

  • Medeek Foundation: Medeek Foundation is an elaborated foundation building extension that gives permission to the users to build perfect concrete foundations for every building and this extension can also create everything like from anchor bolts to rebar for users’ foundations.
  • Housebuilder: Housebuilder basically an older extension containing a set of tools which are designed to help users in modeling house framing and it has everything like from framed flooring to wall framing. Here users can go back to their previous work and can add and move around created doors and windows to walls as well as also can create roof framing. But this older extension might lead people with some problems while getting it installed in their computers.
  • Profile builder: Profile Builder is actually a smart profile building extension that set up wall bodies instead of creating wall framing within profile builder that includes different things like framing, sheathing, drywall and insulating batt. After creating these assemblies within Profile Builder, users can also arrange a program of materials which allows evaluating the things within the model; users can also create things like stair rails and other objects with repeating pieces with the help of this extension.
  • 1001 Bit Tools: This is a set of tools which is designed to make architectural modeling easier than before and this extension has every kind of building tools like from wall building tools, tools to add openings to those tools, stair creation tools, door and window frame tools, roof framing tools etc. So basically it is a huge toolset that has many useful tools also for every user.
  • Tig Roof: This extension is designed to help users in creating different types of complex roofs easily and it works on simple rectangular roofs with complex shapes that give a lot of flexibility while working with various shaped buildings.
  • Medeek Wall: This is the newest extension from Nathaniel Medeek that helps users in creating detailed wall assemblies within SketchUp and helps users in creating similar framed walls within SketchUp models with a focus modeling walls. The openings may be moved and adjusted in real time as it is still under testing process.
  • Plusspec: This is not a normal house modeling extension rather it is designed to bring true BIM to SketchUp as it has a large case suite of a building creation tools and also some tools to make mechanical and electrical in the drawings, for designing the communication of notes, costs and more.
  • Medeek Truss: This is from the same house of other Medeek extensions and is designed to create accurate trusses in the model; it can also create and show real trusses, though there is a lot of different truss option. Users not only can add different types of roof trusses but floor trusses also
  • Gkware Cabinet Maker:This extension helps users to create quickly accurate cabinets within their SketchUp models and helps to edit every single part of the cabinets. This extension models the cabinets that will give a look of originally built and allows great accuracy in the model.
  • Floor Generator:This helps to create difficult flooring within the models and helps to create shapes like brick, tile, sliding and many more within the model. Users can create flooring with real depth and can apply textures to the materials.

Top 10 House Modeling Extensions for SketchUp