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"Multiple Profiles can be handled by Follow Me extension"

Subhra Bera: Editor

SketchUp Warehouse is full of various wonderful and useful extensions and tools that make the design thing a lot easier, Follow Me is the newest of them with some unique features.

Aaron Dietzen this time comes with his new useful creation of importing and exporting via SketchUp Shop which is the newest thing for SketchUp users. This article will describe the whole process according to Aaron and his video tutorial where the new tool Follow Me Tool is introduced and Aaron is in love with this tool as it can be used as a substitute of Push/Pull tool.

About Follow Me Tool: The SketchUp Follow Me tool is the Pied Piper of 3D geometry as it leads a face with a path to build a 3D shape. Though this is the only thing this tool does but it has a pack of applications and enables the users for drawing difficult 3D models with only a few clicks. The Follow Me tool can find in many places in SketchUp like Tools menu, Edit toolbar, Large Tool Set toolbar and Tool palette (macOS).

Aaron has been using as a replica of Push/Pull tool and also as a modification tool; in his words though Push/Pull tool is great but while he wants to seep a molding profile around a room or round-off the corner of a table he can easily does with this tool. But there are lots of places when he finds difficulty to use this tool such as while working with a bunch of shapes and have them all follow the same path. Follow Me tool will do the work but with an unwilling way where lots of selecting, path picking, then Follow Me tool, and then again picking the profile etc. which will continue to the next shape again. So it is a time taking matter for everyone and Aaron tried to solve this problem with using some idea and through his video tutorial he has presented the whole matter well. This article is a little description of his taken steps and here is also the tutorial link for further help; so let’s begin:

Aaron has created a wonderful model where he has used a lot of shapes of different sizes and he has made all those shapes and sizes to follow a single path in one click. At first he has selected the path and then click on Follow Me icon; after clicking the exact work the tool does as it name replicates it created a whole Follow Me path on the selected areas. Again he did the same thing; selected the path and clicked the Follow Me tool to create another path from the shape and it will continue till the last shape gets completed under Follow Me path. Actually the shapes like circle or rectangular are made at the end of the Railing bar to make them able in using the Follow Me tool; he has created some little shapes there and he drew a rectangle over the first shape and then copy it through all the shapes that created another thing. He just used the Follow Me tool and clicked on the rectangular shape to make it a covered area. Next he took the top of the shape and deleted couple lines which created a followed path with detailed design. The same thing he has done with his next shape; like working with the stairs, he created inside and outside to make a voy, then copied the ‘N’ shape on the other side and repeated the whole process again.

Multiple Profiles can be handled by Follow Me extension


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