"A Letter to the desk of the Editor" to "Letter from Editor's Desk”

Subhra Bera: Editor

Hola readers, the winter season has arrived and New Year is knocking at the door; so it is the exact time to sit, relax and read about some wonderful new news about SketchUp.

According to the both Julian and Gregorian calendars, December month is the final and twelfth month of the year. In Northern Hemisphere, this last month is the signal of full beginning of the cold winter season. As the end month of the year, this month is full with Holidays and parties where people get together with family and friends to celebrate all that they got throughout the year by the blessing of the God.

December replicates the time of reflect and repose; it is the month to make realistic New Year’s resolutions and wonderful plans for the upcoming year. SketchUp-Ur-Space team is wishing all our readers advance Merry Christmas and Happy New Year; we are here again to give you all some new news and tricks about SketchUp.

Our Magazine, SketchUp-Ur-Space never delays to deliver the latest news, tips and many more unique things about SketchUp for our valuable readers and our December edition is full of them. It has some trendy and exciting news for our eagerly waiting readers.

SketchUp-Ur-Space is a well known and lovable magazine that consists with some useful news and data for the beginner and experienced SketchUp users, designers, architects etc. Our magazine’s editorial team always wants to give our readers new and interesting stories, news, blogs and many more other things to enhance the knowledge and skills. This December edition has come up with the same motto and various unknown surprising facts on 3D designing that will surely amaze you.

At first, the cover story of our magazine is about SketchUp Shop and the way of importing and exporting some tricks in it. Famous SketchUp professional Aaron Dietzen has revealed his new idea.

Next is the Article page having 4 different posts written by our editorial team that depicts about using components and a close look about some different tools and plugins in SketchUp. The first article is about the detailed news of Philadelphia Flower Show; the second article is about the success story of SketchUp for Woodworkers. The third and fourth article says about two new tools- Compo Sprayr and the Component Finder.

The blog section has come with some detailed description of new ways of working. The first one describes the experience of Alejandro Soriano with SketchUp. Second one will describe how users can hide some unusual things in SketchUp; while the third one will tell the function of Follow Me Tool. The four articles describe method of Quantities and Cost Estimation by Quantifier Pro tool.

Tips and Tricks is full of new features this time; first one describes 10 new ideas about the Push/Pull tool; Second one is about some House Modeling extensions. Third one describes the way of modeling SketchUp Frame and Skin Structure; last Trick is the idea of Thom Thom who found the Truebend tool. Last but not the least, the news section is full of new Tools of SketchUp; First news describes about new SketchUp’s Advanced Camera Tools; second one describes the work of Skill Builder tool to do building section animations. SketchFX tool works on SketchUp models and inspects about some extensions; woodworkers made a Serpentine shaped drawer this time in SketchUp.

Too much there for our readers, hope this edition also pleasures you as the previous ones, so enjoy your holiday with our December edition. So it seems that this edition has published very effective sides of SketchUp and gives some new and interesting news also. Hope readers will enjoy this edition and discover some new side of 3D design.

Best wishes
Subhra Bera
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