"A Letter to the desk of the Editor" to "Letter from Editor's Desk”

Subhra Bera: Editor

We have recently published our September edition of SketchUp-Ur-Space 2017 which is full of new and exciting news for our readers who eagerly waits for every publication. SketchUp-Ur-Space is a well known magazine consists of 3D designing news for both the beginner and experienced designers and architects. The editorial team of SketchUp-Ur-Space has written some awesome stories, news, blogs and lots more to share the new things that can make the readers’ knowledge and skills updated. This magazine as like before presents its best to reach to the people with its writings with a promise to present unknown facts and news of 3D designing.

The cover story of this magazine describes about the SketchUp Plugins for rendering in detail which is the best option for visualizing the 3D design in a picture perfect manner.

The article section has come up with four new stories this time written by the editorial team of SketchUp-Ur-Space, where the shapes and components are shown with different tools and objects. The first one is about “Creating Component in SketchUp”, the second one is about the “Modeling Terrain and Other Rounded Shapes” in SketchUp. The third one is about shapes and the fourth one is about the camera tool.

In the Blog section different news on SketchUp can be found which are needful for using SketchUp. There are four posts in this section, like the best ways to run the Sketchup smoothly, how the Sketchup’s plugins can be downloaded in free. Third one is the tips of keeping the SketchUp workflow simple and the last one is about the news of 3D Warehouse.

Some ‘Trips and tricks’ are needed to manage the works of SketchUp smoothly and learning about new techniques. And SketchUp editorial team has just done that by enlisting four tips about resizing the SketchUp components. In the first one, there is news about using “Flip, Mirror and rotate”, resizing the components is also an easy thing and the second post is about that. The third and fourth one is about splitting and joining tools of SketchUp and The Skill Builder of SketchUp.

The news is full of knowledge gathering information like about the Career options that the SketchUp users have, the Augmented reality, Trilogy Partners want a project Management Modeling where people can apply, transferring SketchUp into VR within just 10secs in some simple steps and more on.

There are lots more in this new September Edition. Hope the readers could find their answers and they can explore a new world of 3D design.

Best wishes
Subhra Bera
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