Use Tables for Managing Spreadsheet in LayOut

Simul Chowdhury: Editor

SketchUp offers simple designing tools and features so that anyone can design 3D models effortlessly. The functions are designed in such a way that designers give stress more on designs than on the technical parts of the applications. This leads a designer to a flawless design that not only communicates well but also expresses each part of the model transparently. The feature of using tables for managing spreadsheet in SketchUp is an amazing tool that allows designers to maintain data in a well-maintained format. Using table also maintains a simple format that does not involve in confusing work to index the data.

Gone are the days when tables only served the functional purpose. Today’s application developers understand the need for offering data booth elaborately and soothingly. This is why the new table format incorporates features that make the design appealing and comprehensive.

Inserting data in the table manually is not a tough task. But, this new LayOut tables can be connected to source file easily. It works as other spreadsheets and offers easy-to-use ways to manage the data in the table.

Insert the formatted spreadsheet: SketchUp tutorials are great to make you understand that how this table tool works to manage the designing data. At the time of inserting XLSX files into the table, you will get an option staying – retain your formatting. You can easily manage the spreadsheet data along with updating the table reference. For formatting – right-click > update table reference.

Additional formatting: Shape Style Panel comes up with the additional formatting segment. As the name says, it works on the shape and style of the table. You can change the style of the table as the data of spreadsheet changes. You can uncheck the formatting, though.

Change the style of the raw data with Scrapbooked tables: Custom scrapbooks are another option that cuts down your time and allows you to reuse a format suitable for denoting the data in the table more efficiently.

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Tables in SketchUp combine the good features of spreadsheet application (Excel and Google) and the best option of table editors (Word and Google Docs). Besides these two inspirations, the application also adds its unique features – unique style and composition of LayOut – to make the table tool more useful for the designers.

Use Tables for Managing Spreadsheet in LayOut

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