"A Letter to the desk of the Editor" to "Letter from Editor's Desk”

Simul Chowdhury: Editor

Our June Edition of Sketchup-Ur-Space 2017 nurtures the trends introduced in SketchUp – the most well-known 3D designing platform for both beginner and expert designers. Every topic has been handpicked by our editorial team that shares the interest of readers and provides them with the much-needed information to update their knowledge and skills. With tutorials, tips and articles, this edition hooks the readers with everything that they want to read. Through this magazine, we make a promise to the budding designers to give a new world of 3D designs with exploring recent news and updates.

We released three articles for this edition that talks about SketchUp plugins in detail. Beautifully written by our experts, the articles cherish information about new extensions the software application gets for 2017. The article ‘SketchUp Plugins for Ultimate 3D modeling’ delves deeper into the subject of plugin curved for 3D modeling. Another one ’10 Awesome SketchUp Plugins’ enhances your knowledge about how to improve the modeling game. The last one defines the new ‘PlusSpec’ plugins and its benefits in designing, drawing and drafting.

Our three blogs are presented for solving the curiosity of SketchUp with revealing essential tools and designing functions. Here we talk about those particulars that give your 3D designing a vibrant appeal. The blog on ‘Refresh the greenery in the Renders with this Free Library of Plants for SketchUp’ teaches you on the green library the platform offers you. The ‘Getting started in SketchUp’ reflects the basics of designs for beginners. The blog on ‘BoolTool 2 Has Been Launched for SketchUp Make and Pro’ awesomely presents the need for BoolTool for adding complex detailing to 3D models.

‘Tips and Tricks’ of SketchUp unveils the thrills of design with explaining secret steps that make the design effortless and accurate. ‘How to Make Quick 3D Models from AutoCAD to SketchUp’ explores two 3D modeling platforms – AutoCAD and SketchUp. The content on ‘How to install Plugins in SketchUp’ denote the process to install plugins easily in the SketchUp platform. The last tip is given on a new extension of SketchUp 2017 – CheckUp for analyzing errors and warning your system get while you are working on SketchUp.

Our News section is all about the recent happenings of SketchUp 2017. The reports are presented in an interesting manner to make you aware of the world inside the dimensions. 4 news stories represent the most-talked about subjects like PlaceMaker on SketchUp and 3D models in Hololens or VR by Verto Studio 3D. It also covers a press-release of E-on Software Company for their launching of Carbon Scatter and CloudFactory Ozone for 2017 plugins. The news on ‘Yulio launches SketchUp plugin’ takes you to the inside story of Yulio Technologies and their experiments in 3D designing.

This edition is curved out the way readers want to explore the world of 3D designing. Hope, our readers would appreciate the stories we brought specially for them.

Best wishes
Simul Chowdhury
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