SketchUp to Vizard workflow

Simul Chowdhury: Editor

SketchUp is convincingly the most well-known platform for designing 3D models flawlessly and quickly. Nearly everyone can hone their designing spree at this platform as it comes up with a user-friendly interface, and the features are equally easy and satisfied. The world of designing grows like fire with the interest today’s industry is showing at. Exporting SketchUp models to the Vizard allows you to feel your design as real as the other objects of the world are.

Vizard platform has a huge library of VR commands that help them add your favorite detail to the designs that transform your 3D model into an immersive simulation where you can walk through the ambience you create. Vizard workflow erases the line between the virtual world and the reality, and you get an experience like you are strolling on a real landscape instead of your design.

The tutorials and videos are available on the internet, from which you can earn valuable information of how to render and export your SketchUp model into Vizard workflow. It also includes about the small details that are essential to give your 3D model a real-time feel. The features like lighting, shadows, and texture manipulating ensure that you get the best of SketchUp on Vizard.

The things you need to learn for using SketchUp on Vizard workflow are:

• SU export setting
• Introduction to Inspector
• Performance concerns
• Model Hierarchy
• Checking Model origin and scale
• Lighting and Shadows
• Adding Sky and Changing Background color
• Manipulating model sub-parts
• Swapping textures

These features work great to make your design vibrant and colorful. With the use of commands, you can simply add detailing of your liking. Vizard also gives you the needed flexibility by proving VR command libraries where you can easily manipulate your 3D model.

You can also check a glimpse of SketchUp on Wizard at.

Through this video, you will learn about how to import Google SketchUp design on Vizard and how to use commands to add drama to your model. This tutorial will teach you different types of features of SketchUp and mainly Vizard. The final result is interesting to see that gives you an in-depth knowledge about 3D models.

SketchUp to Vizard workflow