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SketchUp for Ruby Code Editor

Simul Chowdhury: Editor

Ruby Code Editor has been a popular extension that helps SketchUp users add fine and in-depth detailing to their 3D design. Generally, the extension simplifies the application of Ruby codes in SketchUp platform and allows designers to write down the scripts as easily as they design. The extension seems to be very interesting for those who are obsessed with the Ruby codes and want to apply them on the SketchUp platform to make their design exceptional and eloquent.

This feature allows users to run and modify codes in the SketchUp environment. An External editor is also available, though. The application has been successful to give you the real environment of the code editor. Ruby Editor provides designers with a useful way to design their 3D model beyond the application area of the SketchUp.

Ruby Code editor comes up with other benefits that make your experience on SketchUp smoother and happier. If you love to have documentation of your work, then there is no better tool than Ruby Editor. At the browse window, you can add your reference web pages from where you are taking designing detail and coding support. These websites will you help in your next project. It also comes up with some common code snippets that can be inserted in your coding area. Other than this, you can call a code-completion feature at any point in your coding.

The benefits of using Ruby code in SketchUp are numerous. Some of them are mentioned below.

• The menu-based user interface with a clean code editor environment
• Light/dark themed editor
• Works smooth with files of any size
• Fast opening with code highlighting for large files
• Files list of most recently use data
• Keyboard shortcut navigation
• Line numbering in coding

• Matching Indenting/dedenting of code blocks
• Matching brackets, current line highlighting
• Undo/redo in editor
• Find/replace in editor (text or RegEx)
• Code folding
• Insert code snippets at cursor
• Code-completion for SketchUp classes and methods
• Automatic backup file creation
• Various options: font size, tab/space indenting

• Undo of code execution
• Single undo option for entire code
• Results window keeps track of run history
• Reference web browser for common websites
• Explore selection object properties and attributes
• Option for direct access to the Ruby console
• Option to edit default code snippet
• Clean printing of code

You can open Ruby Code Editor from the ‘Windows’ tab or from the Toolbar. You need to know that in the editor, codes are highlighted for your help. If code highlighting gets failed, you must check the coding and ensure that you put spaces in between the operation you have used.

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SketchUp for Ruby Code Editor

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