SketchUp Dialog Box – A Complete Tutorial

Simul Chowdhury: Editor

SketchUp dialogue boxes carry some useful commands and functions that let you navigate your design easily. It has controls with which you can modify the SketchUp setting and customize them as per your use. SketchUp is a simpler 3D designing tool that made the complexity of 3D model simpler. Like other applications, it has come up with essential dial boxes that keep the drawing smooth and straightforward. The content brings inside-out of the dial boxes used commonly by the users.

Preferences: The preference dial box contains everything about the working of SketchUp. You can change the setting to make a comfortable workplace for you. The commands carried by the dial box control the behavior of the application itself rather than the model you are working on. The preference dial box will appear on the Mac version only, and it is not available for the windows version of SketchUp.

SketchUp preferences contain the commands like application, drawing, extensions, general, shortcut and temples. Each one comes up with an array of options to make your designing experience uncomplicated.

For the preference dial box: SketchUp menu > preferences

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Model Info: Model info tool holds all important details of the model you are working on. It shows you everything starting from the animation time to the geo-location. Every command comes up with a set of features that define your model in the best possible way. In the ‘window’ menu, you will get the model info dialog box.

You can set the information the way you like before designing a model. The other options that you would get in this dialog box are – animation, components, credits, dimension, files, texts and more.

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Entity Info: Entity info in SketchUp tells you about the entity of your model as per the selection area. You can get a comprehensive detail about the layers, materials, dimensions and component names of every single entity of your model. Changing material is also easy with this tool. It notifies you about different parts of the model because each part has different structural details. Entity Info dialog box is in the window option.

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Instructor: Instructor dialog box happens to the best guide for the beginners. It clearly shows you the instruction of using a tool you are using presently. It presents every detail about the tool to make you understand how to draw a certain thing. In window menu, you will get the instructor option.

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With the dialog box options, you can easily draw the model as well as enhance the knowledge of different commands used in SketchUp.

SketchUp Dialog Box – A Complete Tutorial