"A Letter to the desk of the Editor" to "Letter from Editor's Desk”

Simul Chowdhury: Editor

This August Edition of SketchUp Ur Space 2017 brings to you interesting and innovative topics that will sharpen your knowledge and expand your creativity in the 3D designing. Each write-up reveals the insight of SketchUp so that you can experience a complete navigation on the application like a pro. Behind this ingeniously presented magazine is the work of our expert team that chooses topics in keeping your interest and learning in mind. They gradually unfold the world of SketchUp where you can experience some welcoming features along with the expansion of the existing one. Sketching a new definition for the application, the magazine presents what you love to read and explore.

We would like to give a special thank to Mauritz Snyman, a renowned designer in 3D architectural modeling, 3D renderings, 3D visualization and 3D animations. He shared his deepest knowledge of 3D designing with us in the interview section. He talked about his experience, problems, and achievements in his journey. His thought will definitely inspire you to push your boundary to gain what you dreamt. He is now a precious member of Jireh3D firm. Read the complete interview to learn more about him and SketchUp.

In this August Edition of SketchUp Ur Space, we are happy to introduce to you a very special guest writer who is also an eminent designer and a brilliant modeler – Michal Konicek. He has written a great piece of art about 3D model and design. His ‘3D Model of London for SketchUp ’ lets you imagine in a new way of using SketchUp. His designs and models bring London alive virtually.

Our COVER STORY touches a different chord from the regular one. It names 11 Best Free 3D Designing Software including SketchUp that make your knowledge grow step by step from beginners to the professional level. It mentions tutorials and required details that indeed help you design your thoughts proficiently and flawlessly.

NEWS section speaks the recent happenings of SketchUp in a comprehensive way. They discuss the updates you need and features you shouldn’t miss. This year, Vive Studios released MakeVR Pro for the users who want to feel their designs. The complete report is written well by our experts to keep you engaged in SketchUp and its updates. Plantfactory 2016 is another new plugin introduced by E-on software application with a promise to add a real essence to your design. This section gives you a glimpse of what development SketchUp welcomes for this month. We are offering you seven new topics that successfully hold your interest.

Intriguing and ingenious, our ‘Tips & Tricks’ offers you a bunch of hidden rules that make your journey with SketchUp smoother and happier. Four new topics are covered by this section that present information about SketchUp dialog box, Vizard workflow, and more. These tips help you understand the need for learning short-cuts and tools. Since SketchUp is more about your imagination than about the technicalities, these tips enhance your performance to design a model better than ever.

Our Blogs are always trying to flip the existing rules of designing, allowing you to explore what you haven’t till date. It mentions some known features and tools you are very much familiar with. But the contents twist the regular attitude and offer new sides of the features like orbit tool, edges, faces and more. my.SketchUp is a new update that opens up a new approach in designing. It is a small SketchUp tool that allows you to perform more or less the same way you used to in the application itself. With this new updates, our Blog section takes your interest to a new level.

In our ARTICLE section, you will truly meet your deepest designing desire with the topics like Best SketchUp Practices, SketchUp rendering and SketchUp for Fine Woodwork. They contain ample information to bring out the insight of the application attractively.

This edition SketchUp Ur Space is what you desire. With new tools and updates, it clearly stresses more on the objectives of your learning. Turning over each page of the magazine brings you closer to the application. Our two special guests, Mauritz Snyman and Michal Konicek, teach you to some unknown developments and make your designing instinct more vibrant.

Best wishes
Simul Chowdhury
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