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3D Model of London for SketchUp

Michal Konicek: 3D Model of London | 3D City Models

AccuCities is a London tech start-up, focusing on capturing accurate and detailed 3D city models. Starting in London, we are capturing 3D Models of this beautiful city in 4 basic levels of detail. As many of our customers from areas such as architecture and urban planning use SketchUp, customers can chose to buy the dataset as a sketchup files.

Depending on their needs, customers can buy a subscription to the entire dataset or chose small sections of the model and purchase those only. Prices for quarter square kilometer tiles of this High Detail 3D Model start at £500 per tile and the subscription to the entire 25 km sq dataset starts from £1,000 per month. The sketchup models of London are easy to use to inform Architectural design, create CGI renders and animations but could also be 3D printed.

AccuCities 3D City models are manually captured, using photogrammetry, from the latest high-res aerial survey data. In High Detail 3D Models we capture all visible features of the roofs, including chimneys, parapet walls and dormer windows. The 3D Model is accurate to an incredible 15 centimetres in each axis. For customers who require lighter and more affordable models can opt for Level 2 models - Level 2 models omit some features but this makes the models lighter and easier to use. Not to mention they are half the price of Level 3 models.

Link to 500 x 500 meters Free Sample files of 3D Model of London [Please link “3D Model of London” to ] The Terrain in AccuCites 3D model of London is not flat - it is captured using the same photogrammetric technique as the buildings.

The terrain model is separated into major land use categories such as water, road, greenspace or man-made surface. Trees in this dataset are also captured from the aerial survey with the accurate heights and widths of their canopy. AccuCities can capture 3D Models like these anywhere in London, in the UK or in the world. Visit for more information about all levels of detail we can provide. On the website you can also directly buy this 3D model and get a quote for 3D Models that are not yet in our library.

3D Model of London for SketchUp

3D Model of London for SketchUp

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