An exclusive video tutorial on sketchup vray interior lighting

Rajib Dey - Editor-in-chief

This sketchup v-ray tutorial is useful for beginners and advance sketchup users. The tutorial is based on interior lighting with sketchup vray. Learn how to use v-ray material editor efficiently to render an interior scene.

V-Ray for SketchUp 's Material Editor contains three sections:

A. Material Workplace – It demonstrates all the selected materials. Click with right mouse button to include, import, export, rename, pack, remove, and select the objects with existing materials like allocating recent materials to the selected objects, removing materials which are unused in the scene , as well as inserting layers with reflections, refractions to the materials.

B. Material Preview - The Update Preview button facilitates the users to view the adjusted materials.

C. Options for material control - The options are modified with the added scene materials in section A.

Click on Update preview button available inside V-ray material editor to update the preview image to existing materials.

sketchup vray interior lighting
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