How to make best use of geometry of vray proxy in vray for sketchup

Rajib Dey - Editor-in-chief

This sketchup video tutorial will focus on how to make best use of geometry of vray proxy to perform various soft works in sketchup. This sketchup tutorial is presented by Galiaf Velikiy.

VRayProxy is used to import geometry from an outer mesh at render time only. V-Ray Proxy efficiently control scene memory and renders huge amounts of geometry to speed up detail and complications in scenes.

V-Ray for SketchUp there exists an option to substitute the proxy geometry with the use of any other object. Each single vertices and faces use up memory of ram i.e. if there are various proxies in the scene, not just the SketchUp feedback will be slow, but the memory of ram will also be exhausted that is essential for obtaining a high resolution render.

So it is always suggested to substitute the genuine low polygon proxy representation for easy to use geometry.

Link for download V-Ray for SketchUp

vray proxy in sketchup
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