"A Letter to the desk of the Editor" to "Letter from Editor's Desk”

Rajib Dey : Editor-in-chief

We have just published the June edition of sketchup ur space. The editorial team of sketchup ur space has written an exclusive cover story on various energy analysis plugins for sketchup. The energy analysis plugins play an important role in creating improved sustainable designs and analyze model efficiently.

In article section there are five exclusionary articles. The first article is presented by Belén Fernández Franca, a renowned technical architect and sketchup trainer. The article sheds light on some handy sketchup tips for 3d printing with sketchup.

The second article is submitted by Ismail Rebbane, the 3d visualization expert. This article is based on rendering additional lighting passes through Vraylightselect render element.

The other three articles written by the editorial team of sketchup ur space. In these articles, the first one is about an exclusive contest on 3d sketching app. 3d sketching app is a smartphone & tablet based 3d sketching app that includes some powerful brushes to generate 3d lines, shapes as well as uniform models with a simple mouse click. The second one highlights the features of Cadman Report Tools For Sketchup. It is a useful sketchup extension that supports sketchup 2015 and sketchup 2016.

The plugin is used to associate and manipulate information on components in their models determined with an easy to use CSV spreadsheet. The last and final article speaks on 3d warehouse tools for sketchup, an excellent sketchup extension. This sketchup extension is compatible with SketchUp 2014, SketchUp 2015, SketchUp 2016. It is used to assess (nested groups, model size) & deal with the sketchup models as well as reduce any irrelevant lines, marks before uploading them to 3D Warehouse.

The tutorial section is enriched with an outstanding tutorial by Chaos Group. The tutorial teaches you how to render exterior of a house with Vray lighting keeping modeling, lighting and editing parameters of materials as it is.

In blog section, the readers will get information on some newest sketchup extensions like ropefall for sketchup, window+ for sketchup and meshwrapper tool for sketchup. The ropefall sketchup plugin can rapidly develop and design the model of realistic ropes, cables, wires with physics simulation. The window+ sketchup plugin allows the building designers to generate and edit nice looking and symmetrical rectangular windows. The meshwrapper sketchup extension consists of a wide array of tools to develop an outer shell all over 3d geometry. It will streamline the for process for creating models and produce an uniformly dispersed surface mesh around the object.

In news section, the readers will get latest updates on various on some upcoming sketchup plugins as well as v-ray for 3ds Max.

IHope, our readers will enjoy this issue as usual.

Best wishes
Rajib Dey
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