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2016 3D Character Design Contest to gain a share of $4,000 cash

Rajib Dey : Editor-in-chief

Reallusion and Polycount are jointly organizing the 2016 Game Character Design Contest toward all 3D artists, animators and game developers. Participants have to provide any animatable, humanoid character to contest against some of the greatest artists inside the 3D animation community. The participants will get the scope to gain a share of $4,000 cash together with outstanding 3D hardware, software and content prizes. The competition is sponsored by PolyCount, Allegorithmic, ZBrush, Marvelous Designer, Marmoset, HTC Vive and Noitom motion capture.

In order to take part in The Reallusion 3D Character Design Contest invites, all artists have to produce their own 3D characters like completely rigged and animated, 3D humanoid (biped) characters. Participants have to present a 30 second video to display the personality and detail of the character. The competition is open now and will be finished on 16th October 2016.

In order to have more information along with rules, click on the following link

The task is very difficult to generate animatable 3D characters that needs a multidisciplinary knowledge for the team in modeling, sculpting, texture painting, and skin rigging as well as sound animation skills. The 2016 3D Character Design Contest is specifically designed to resolve this issue for the 3D artists by offering pre-rigged, universal morph-ready quad avatar designs which facilitate the artists to transform their 3D sculptures into animatable 3D characters. These new characters are arranged for numerous motion assets, facial lip-syncs, look changes, body shape morphs, multi-layered outfits, and dynamic textures which can be smoothly retargeted and exportable to external 3D tools.

The iClone Character Creator Pipeline saves huge time & effort for the users as it can be also manipulated in combination with robust 3D solutions from top industry partners who have clarified the creative boundaries of 3D character design.

Reallusion is offering a free 45 days of iClone Animation Pipeline PRO for all the participants who don’t any prior knowledge with Reallusion and are interested in researching with the capabilities of iClone. By applying the iClone Animation Pipeline, the users will be able to import and export 3D models and animations for Maya, Max, Unity, Unreal, C4D, Blender and more. iClone refers to a cinematic editing environment that facilitates scenes to come collectively with characters, lighting, cameras, effects and more to have the well-run animation experience to pre-visualize and create every shot. iClone Animation Pipeline imports FBX, 3DS and OBJ and offers a complete character animation toolset supported with HumanIK for body motion, together with full facial animation puppeteering and lip-synch tools.

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2016 3D Character Design Contest
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